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[NL] mentions we'll be seeing the 7D Mark II as well as a 5D Mark III by the time Photokina 2012 rolls around next September.

They also go on to mention that if Canon does release a higher megapixel full frame camera (30+ mp), it won't be the 5D Mark III that gets them. The testing of higher megapixel sensors was also mentioned and it's said all of this will depend on the “market”.

With all that being said, is it being insinuated that the 5D Mark III would get the same or similar sensor to the 18mp one in the 1D X?

The recent price drops of the 5D Mark II (down to $1999 in the US) I don't think are a direct precursor to an imminent 5D Mark III announcement.

7D Mark II
Absolutely zero information has come my way about a new 7D. What I don't think will happen is an APS-H 7D. They won't eliminate the use of EF-S lenses on the body.

I've only heard about a 24mp APS-C, and an updated 18mp APS-C sensor. Niether of which there is much information about.


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