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8K recording options for the Canon EOS R5 leak

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Here is a sneak peek of the 8K recording options for the upcoming Canon EOS R5.

As you can see, you can shoot either 8K DCI or 8K ultra, which will be slightly different resolutions. The resolutions of the two modes will likely be 8192×4320 and 7680×4320.

106296826 873593096459942 2756999009848270578 n 728x501 - 8K recording options for the Canon EOS R5 leak

Codecs for 8K recordings appear to be ALL-I, IPB, and obviously RAW.

8K 30p and 4K 120p will not have a crop.

There will be no recording 8K video to both cards simultaneously.

Outside of environmental factors, there will be no overheating issues when recording 8K for more than 15 minutes.


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Sep 7, 2018
"8K 30p and 4K 120p will not have a crop." In the screenshot, 8K-D doesn't show 30fps as an option? Are we sure it shoots 8K RAW 30fps, or only 24/25fps?
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Nov 3, 2014
I like the layout for selecting recording mode. It looks quick and intuitive. I hope Canon adds a shutter angle option at some point. 8k raw users are going to be buying hard drives In bulk. Looks like you’ll get about 40 min per TB if that’s a blank 512GB card they are using.


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Sep 7, 2018
Also curious if the 21:31 limit is storage capacity limit or an artificial limit. I.E. if you had one of the recently announced 2TB CFExpress cards would it increase beyond that 21:31?
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Run | Gun Shooter
Mar 13, 2020
I definitely wouldn't be shooting more than 30 sec clips in 8K and only for situations where the lens did not reach or I needed some serious recomposition options due to the situation. 4K120 on the other long as the bitrate was high enough to properly support it, would come in handy more often. Even 4K120 LongGOP 4:2:0 would still need some serious storage capacity.


Oct 18, 2011
If it’s *only* 8k and 4k 120 that don’t have crop, does that mean we still won’t have an option for uncropped 4k in 24/30p??
Seems like this is targeting explaining the two modes that basically no other camera in its price point has; which in the past has meant Canon would cripple them in some way to render them little more than marketing specs.

Im hopeful this means that era is over; which is wild since so much of the EOS RP was insane crippling


Aug 21, 2019
So, we can safely assume that the body is at least 36 MP. No word on AF yet. Can wait to determine if this is a Sony killer.