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Industry News: Sony announces their new flagship camera, the alpha a1

Industry News: Sony announces their new flagship camera, the alpha a1

By Canon Rumors | January 26, 2021 | Industry News

Sony has officially announced its new flagship alpha a1 camera body.

This new body is equipped with a 50.1mp stacked EXMOR RS CMOS image sensor and a new BIONZ XR processor. This allowed the new camera to shoot at a full 30fps.

The autofocus is new and improved, with a fast sensor readout that enables up to 120 AF/AE calculations per second. This is twice the speed as the Alpha a9 II.

The EVF is a pretty impressive 9.44million-dot OLED display with a crazy refresh rate of 240fps.

Other goodies include 1/400sec full-frame flash sync speed and 1/500sec in APS-C mode.  It can shoot 8K up to 30fps for up to 30 minutes, as well as 4K at 60fps for the same length of time. You also get a 5-axis in-body stabilization system that can compensate shake up to 5.5 stops.

It looks like pixel shift shooting is going to become the norm, as the alpha a1 can do it up to 199mp.

This new flagship camera will cost $6498 at launch and preorders will begin tomorrow at 10 AM ET.

Sony Alpha a1 $6498 at Adorama

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The Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM begins shipping this week

The Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM begins shipping this week

By Canon Rumors | January 25, 2021 | Canon Lens News

I have just received word that the Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM will begin shipping from some retailers this week. I do not know what sort of allocation is being made available, or how long preorder lists are.

The Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM is remarkably small and I’m sure it’ll be optically fantastic.

Key Features

  • Canon’s Shortest and Lightest 70-200mm f/4 Interchangeable Zoom Lens
  • High Image Quality and Bright, Constant f/4 Aperture Telephoto Zoom RF L Lens
  • Optical Image Stabilizer with up to 5 Stops of Shake Correction
  • High Speed, Smooth and Quiet Auto Focus with Dual Nano USM
  • Minimum Focusing Distance of 1.96 ft. and Maximum Magnification of 0.28x
  • Control Ring for Direct Setting Changes
  • 12-Pin Communication System
  • Dust- and Water-resistant with Fluorine Coating

Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM $1599 at Adorama

DPReviewTV: What is diffraction in photography?

By Canon Rumors | January 25, 2021 | Canon Business General

It’s Monday, so it’s time to head to class and today the always educational Don Komarechka shows us what’s behind the dreaded “diffraction” when you’re stopped down significantly with your lens.

Why do the images lose sharpness? Don shows you a couple of simple experiments to help you understand what is actually a pretty complex phenomenon.

Check out the video above and give Don a follow on Twitter or Instagram

Gear of Yesteryear: DPReviewTV reviews the Canon EF 200mm f/1.8L USM

By Canon Rumors | January 23, 2021 | Canon Reviews

Here is a fun review of an epic Canon lens from the past. In this episode of Gear of Yesteryear, DPReviewTV reviews the Canon EF 200mm f/1.8L USM. To some, it is regarded as one of the best lenses that Canon has ever made, to others… well they still think it’s awesome.

The Canon EF 200mm f/1.8L USM is a relatively easy lens to come by, as they are regularly available on eBay. I purchased this lens used from the Fred Miranda forum for about $3000 USD. I didn’t need a mint copy and so the price was right.

These lenses can be repaired, there is a company in Michigan that can apparently rebuild the autofocus motors and make other repairs on it. Canon themselves won’t do any sort of repairs. So you need to know that going in, but these lenses are as reliable as any big white Canon L lens.

You can check out the sample gallery from the review here.

Canon EF 200mm f/1.8L USM Specifications

Announced November 1998
Original Price 456,000 yen / $4500 USD (Approx)
Lens Construction (Groups) 10
Lens Construction (Elements) 12
Number of Aperture Blades 8
Minimum Aperture 22
Cloesest Focusing Distance 2.5m
Maximum Magnification (x) 0.9x
Filter Diameter 48mm Drop-In
Maximum Diameter x Length 130mm x 208mm
Weight 3000g / 6.6lbs
Canon to announce the PowerShot Pick next week

Canon to announce the PowerShot Pick next week

By Canon Rumors | January 22, 2021 | Canon PowerShot

Earlier this week I reported that Canon would be bringing their AI-powered concept PowerShot camera to market. This camera has appeared as multiple concepts since 2018.

DC Watch is reporting the new camera will be called the PowerShot Pick and preorders will begin via the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake on January 29, 2021. This was the same way Canon first released the PowerShot Zoom, so I expect that the PowerShot Pick will become available globally shortly after.

The PowerShot Pick is powered by the marketing “AI”. The camera will be able to do things like analyze a person’s face and decide when the best time to take a photograph and will do it automatically. Another marketing term that Canon will use for the PowerShot Pick is that it’s a “memorial photographer” (the translation could be off).

There will likely be many other “AI” features with the dedicated app for iOS and Android.

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Industry News: Sony teases a major alpha mirrorless announcement

By Canon Rumors | January 21, 2021 | Industry News

It looks like Sony is getting ready to announce its first 8K mirrorless camera on January 26, 2021. Most people seem to be expecting an Alpha a9 III/flagship mirrorless camera.


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A post shared by Sony | Alpha (@sonyalpha)

Rumoured specifications are still hard to come by at this time, but this announcement has all the feeling of a new flagship camera for Sony.

All that has really been reported is that new camera will shoot 8K30p, have a 50mp full-frame sensor and will be priced around $5000USD. I would expect some overlap of features to the a7s III.

Photo Rumors reported the following specifications last year.

  •  Bigger and truly pro body
  •  9.44M dots EVF
  •  Newly developed sensor
  •  8K video recording with no overheating
  •  Dual card slots
  •  New menu systems from A7S3
  •  IBIS with Steady shot active mode
  • Everything about this camera is new
  • Price 5,999$
The next Canon EOS R5 firmware update is coming next month [CR2]

The next Canon EOS R5 firmware update is coming next month [CR2]

By Canon Rumors | January 21, 2021 | Canon DSLR Rumors

The next Canon firmware update for the Canon EOS R5 is still on schedule to be released sometime in February 2021 I have been told. The same source also suggested that the new firmware is already out there in beta form in loaner cameras, though I have not been able to confirm that. Some people take their NDA’s seriously I guess!

There are also more long-term plans to add features to both the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 over the next 12-24 months. Keep flooding Canon with what you’d like to see added to both cameras, they are listening.

The next Canon EOS R5 firmware will include

  • Canon Cinema RAW light addition
  • C-Log 3
  • 1080p @ 120fps
  • Bug fixes

I was not given an update on new firmware for the Canon EOS R6.

CP+ 2021 ONLINE: A World Premiere Show for Cameras and Photo Imaging

CP+ 2021 ONLINE: A World Premiere Show for Cameras and Photo Imaging

By Canon Rumors | January 19, 2021 | Industry News

The CP+ show which was cancelled last year due to the pandemic returns this year as an online event. All of the major companies will be participating in the show, including Canon.

The CP+ show is held in Yokohama, Japan and tends to be a major product announcement show, but this year could obviously be different. For the moment I haven’t heard any major products being announced from Canon, though I’m sure there is going to be something beyond just the Canon PowerShot AI.

Pre-registration begins tomorrow here.

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Canon will soon announce a PowerShot with AI [CR3]

Canon will soon announce a PowerShot with AI [CR3]

By Canon Rumors | January 19, 2021 | Canon PowerShot

Canon will soon announce the PowerShot AI, which is not the confirmed name. Canon first showed off this idea back in 2018 at The Photography Show in the UK, and once again last year at CES 2020.

It appears that Canon has decided to bring the camera to market and it will be announced quite soon, though I don’t have an official date of the announcement.

Canon PowerShot AI Specifications (Based on the concept and could change)

  • 12mp 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor
  • 19-57mm 35mm equivalent zoom lens (4x zoom)
  • Pans 170°
  • Tilt of 110°
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Dust and Waterproofing
  • Battery life of about 2.5 hours
  • Records data to microSD
  • USB-C Port
  • Both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

The camera is targetted at many uses, including as a webcam, a baby monitor, a pet monitor or even as a security camera. The concept camera had the ability to respond to voice commands. Canon will also likely launch special software for this camera to really show off the “AI” part of the product.

Canon and Sony go at it in the latest BCN Japanese market share report

Canon and Sony go at it in the latest BCN Japanese market share report

By Canon Rumors | January 18, 2021 | Industry News

BCN Awards has released their camera and lens market share report for 2020 in Japan. This is not a representation of worldwide sales, so please keep that in mind.

I will say that I’m surprised that Canon didn’t hit the top 3 in video cameras, which is likely not too influenced by Cinema EOS, but even the more affordable offerings don’t see to make much noise in Japan.

The pandemic may have affected these numbers in some way, but we won’t get a picture of how they were affected for another year or two. Canon obviously sold less EOS M cameras than in 2019 and lost market share to Sony in mirrorless cameras, but the EOS R6 and EOS R5 are selling extremely well in Japan and globally, considering they’re still hard to come by is good news for Canon.

Mirrorless cameras

  1. Sony: 27.4% share (2019: 22.7%)
  2. Canon: 23.8% share (2019: 31.6%)
  3. Olympus: 23.4% share (2019: 23.5%)

DSLR cameras

  1. Canon: 51.9% share (2019: 57.4%)
  2. Nikon: 44.8% share (2019: 39.3%)
  3. Ricoh: 3.0% share (2019: 3.1%)

Interchangeable Lenses

  1. Canon 18.3% (2019: 19.9%)
  2. Sony 15.9% (2019: 16.9%)
  3. SIGMA 14.9% (2019: NA)

Fixed lens digital cameras (point & shoot)

  1. Canon: 39.1% share (2019: 29.8%)
  2. Sony: 19.7% share (2019: 11.9%)
  3. Fuji: 11.4% share (2019: NA)

Video cameras

  1. Sony: 37.3% share (2019: 35.1%)
  2. Panasonic: 32.2% share (2019: 45.8%)
  3. JVC Kenwood: 11.1% share (2019: 13.1%)

Action cameras

  1. GoPro: 7% share (2019: 74.3%)
  2. Sony: 7.5% share (2019: 8.5%)
  3. SAC: 6.5% share (2019: 7.2%)
goadfree - Canon and Sony go at it in the latest BCN Japanese market share report

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