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Adorama is hosting a Canon EOS R5 C Live Panel Review today at 3 PM EST

Adorama is hosting a Canon EOS R5 C Live Panel Review today at 3 PM EST

By Canon Rumors | January 20, 2022 | Industry News

Adorama will be hosting a live event via Facebook to talk about the Canon EOS R5 C. You do not need a Facebook account to watch the event.


Join Seth Miranda (@lastxwitness) and a panel of Canon experts Ryan Snyder, Paul Hawxhurst, and Eric Stoner to overview the latest digital camera from Canon.

Preorder the Canon EOS R5 C Body $4499

New Canon EOS C70 Firmware Update Answers The Top Demands of Professional End-Users

New Canon EOS C70 Firmware Update Answers The Top Demands of Professional End-Users

By Canon Rumors | January 19, 2022 | Cinema EOS News

MELVILLE, NY, January 19, 2022 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced a firmware update for the EOS C70 4K Digital Cinema Camera that implements sought after features such as Cinema RAW Light internal recording as well as Frame and Interval recording modes. The added features allow the EOS C70 to be better paired with the EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III workflows, and come as a direct result of end-user feedback from professionals.

Cinema RAW Light Internal Recording
The addition of Cinema RAW Light internal recording to the EOS C70 camera further enhances the recording capabilities of what’s already a powerful digital imaging machine. This compact cinema camera can now capture 12-bit Cinema RAW Light internally to compatible SD cards. Cinema RAW Light captures the widest dynamic range from the Dual Gain Output sensor (16+ stops total) and allows the most flexibility to grade captured content. Three quality settings of Cinema RAW Light will make their way into the EOS C70 via the firmware update. The settings are: RAW HQ (high quality), RAW ST (standard quality), and RAW LT (light recording). All three modes are 12-bit regardless of frame rate. Lastly, Cinema RAW Light is compatible with Proxy and Double-Slot recording.

Frame and Interval Recording Modes
The addition of Frame and Interval Recording modes is a direct result of user feedback, and adds even more recording flexibility to the EOS C70 camera by allowing easy creation of stop motion and time-lapse sequences when recording in the XF-AVC and MP4 formats. Frame recording is for stop motion capture, and every press of the record button captures a user-determined number of frames. Interval Recording sets the interval and number of frames to be captured for time-lapse sequences. Both recording modes help operators further tell their story in a more creative and inspiring form and are easy to use.

The firmware update will be available for download in March 2022*. For more information, please visit,

Canon officially announces the Canon EOS R5 C

By Canon Rumors | January 19, 2022 | Cinema EOS News

MELVILLE, NY, January 19, 2022 – Imagine having the best of both worlds at your fingertips. A Canon camera with equal parts video and still digital imaging power, all in one compact-and-lightweight package. Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to announce the EOS R5 C Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera, a hybrid, RF-mount 8K camera that has something for everyone. The new camera showcases video formats and features from the company’s award-winning Cinema EOS line, alongside select still capabilities that have made the EOS R5 camera a popular and trusted choice among imaging professionals and enthusiasts alike i.

“Imaging professionals are living in a multimedia world. Gone are the days of only needing to be sufficiently equipped and skilled at video or stills,” said Tatsuro “Tony” Kano, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Canon U.S.A.’s Imaging Technologies & Communications Group. “The EOS R5 C squarely takes aim at providing end-users with a solution that can tackle all facets of the ever-demanding multimedia and content production landscape. Canon is confident this all-in-one solution can help improve the workflow for a variety of content creators.”

Preorder the Canon EOS R5 C Body $4499

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Preorder the Canon EOS R5 C

Preorder the Canon EOS R5 C

By Canon Rumors | January 19, 2022 | Canon EOS R

You can now preorder the Canon EOS R5 C.

Canon EOS R5 C Key Features

  • Video control for the dedicated video professional
  • Supports 8K/60P Internal RAW Recording
  • Internal Cooling Fan Enables Non-stop 8K/60P Recording
  • Expanded Interface for Professional Needs
  • Carries on the Ergonomic EOS Design
  • Full-featured 13 Assignable Buttons
  • 8K Sensor and DIGIC X Processor
  • Internal Cinema RAW Light up to 8K/60

Preorder the Canon EOS R5 C Body $4499

Here are some Canon EOS R5 C specifications

Here are some Canon EOS R5 C specifications

By Canon Rumors | January 17, 2022 | Canon Cinema EOS Rumors

Here are a lot of official specifications for the Canon EOS R5 C from Canon.

Compact and lightweight, the EOS R5 C is a true hybrid camera, boasting many of the video formats and features from the Cinema EOS lineup as well as many of the still capabilities of the EOS R5 camera in a beautifully designed body. The EOS R5 C is a complete package that offers filmmakers, multimedia journalists, and advanced amateurs a cost-effective 8K, 4L, and FHD camera to help unlock their creative potential.

Canon’s 45 Megapixel full-frame, CMOS imaging sensor is at the heart of the EOS R5 C camera’s superb image quality, which also leads the way for an impressive 8K/60P RAW cinematic video shooting. Focus and speed are paramount in the EOS R5 C camera, providing impressive continuous capture at speeds of up to 20 frames per second and with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II capability to track split-second movements of even the most elusive subjects. With 1.053 Automatic AF zooms. It is easy to photograph people with the use of Eye, Face and Head Detection AF, or intuitively track the whole body, face, or eye of cats, dogs, or birds with Animal Detection AF. For those with the need for speed. Canon has also included vehicle subject detection to assist with accurate tracking of cars and motorcycles.

Here are images of the Canon EOS R5 C


As previously reported, the biggest difference in the bodies is that the LCD sits out further and resembles the Canon EOS C70 in that regard.

Canon EOS R5 C Specifications

  • Supports 8K/60P Internal RAW or Cinema RAW Light Recording. HDMI 8K RAW output to compatible records.
  • 8K/30p 12-bit RAW recording (8K/60p via external power source)
  • 8K HDR recording (PQ/HLG)
  • Internal cooling fan enables non-stop 8K/60P recording.
  • Advanced connectivity and Multi-Function Accessory Shoe
  • Expanded interface for professional needs
  • Carries on the ergonomic EOS design
  • Full-featured 13 assignable buttons
  • 8K sensor with DIGIC X processor with 4K and 2K oversampling
  • Simultaneously records different formats
  • Timecode IN/OUT Terminal
  • XF-AVC and MP4 codecs for 10-bit 4.2.2 video
  • Up to 4K 120p slow and fast motion recording mode in 4:2:2 10-bit
  • Simultaneous audio record enabled with HFR
  • Wide variety of recording formats
  • Canon Log 3 Expands Expressive possibilities
  • Enhanced Image Stabilization

Canon EOS R5 C Accessories

I have been told that there will be a special wall power accessory for the Canon EOS R5 C. I don’t have any more information on this.

Recording Media

  • CFexpress Slot – Type B
  • SD Card – UHS-II

Recording Formats

8192×4320 (Full Frame)


  • 2570 Mbps (59.94P) / 2140 Mbps (50.00P)
  • 1290 Mbps (29.97P) / 1070 Mbps (25.00P)
  • 1030 MBps (23.98P / 24.00P)


  • 1980 Mbps (29.97P) / 1650 Mbps (25.00P)
  • 1580 Mbps (23.98P / 24.00P)

5932 x 3140 (Super 35mm)


  • 1260 Mbps (59.94P) / 1140 Mbps (50.00P)
  • 679 Mbps (29.97P) / 566 Mbps (25.00P)
  • 544 MBps (23.98P / 24.00P)


  • 2090 Mbps (59.95P) / 1750 Mbps (50.00P)
  • 1050 Mbps (29.97P) / 871 Mbps (25.00P)
  • 836 Mbps (23.98P / 24.00P)


  • 2120 Mbps (29.97) / 1770 Mbps (25.00)
  • 1700 Mbps (23.98P / 24.00P)

2976 x 1570 (Super 16mm)


  • 344 Mbps (59.94P) / 287 Mbps (50.00P)
  • 172 Mbps (29.97P) / 221 Mbps (25.00P)
  • 212 MBps (23.98P / 24.00P)


  • 529 Mbps (59.95P) / 441 Mbps (50.00P)
  • 265 Mbps (29.97P) / 871 Mbps (25.00P)
  • 212 Mbps (23.98P / 24.00P)


  • 1080 Mbps (50.94) / 896 Mbps (50.00)
  • 537 Mbps (29.97P) / 448 Mbps (29.00P
  • 430 Mbps (23.98P / 24.00P)

CFexpress Card Recording Time

512GB Card

Cinema RAW Light

  • 2570 Mbps: 24 minutes
  • 2120 Mbps: 30 minutes
  • 2090 Mbps: 30 minutes
  • 1980 Mbps: 32 minutes
  • 1700 Mbps: 37 minutes
  • 1580 Mbps: 40 minutes
  • 1360 Mbps: 47 minutes
  • 1290 Mbps: 49 minutes
  • 1080 Mbps: 59 minutes
  • 1030 Mbps: 62 minutes
  • 836 Mbps: 76 minutes


  • 810 Mbps: 79 minutes
  • 410 Mbps: 156 minutes
  • 310 Mbps: 207 minutes
  • 260 Mbps: 246 minutes
  • 160 Mbps: 401 minutes


  • 540 Mbps: 118 minutes
  • 400 Mbps: 160 minutes
  • 225 Mbps: 285 minutes
  • 170 Mbps: 377 minutes
  • 150 Mbps: 428 minutes
  • 135 Mbps: 475 minutes
  • 100 Mbps: 642 minutes
  • 50 Mbps: 1284 minutes
  • 35 Mbps: 1834 minutes

There will be more to come throughout the day as information rolls in before the official announcement on January 19, 2022 at 7 AM EST.

Coming firmware for Canon Cinema EOS C70 to have internal 12-bit Cinema RAW Light

Coming firmware for Canon Cinema EOS C70 to have internal 12-bit Cinema RAW Light

By Canon Rumors | January 14, 2022 | Canon Cinema EOS Rumors

Canon will be officially announcing new firmware for the Canon Cinema EOS C70 next week. The new firmware will be available in March of 2022.

I do not have all of the information about this new firmware, but this should make a lot of C70 shooters quite happy.

About the coming firmware for the Canon Cinema EOS C70


862981BE FA13 45D1 9496 3404FD37B88C 473x1024 - Coming firmware for Canon Cinema EOS C70 to have internal 12-bit Cinema RAW Light

The EOS C70 now offers users the ability to capture Cinema RAW Light internally to SD cards. RAW provides you with greater image quality and flexibility in post-production.

On top of the existing 10-bit XF-AVC currently found in the EOS C70, 12-bit Cinema RAW Light LT features data rates up to 645Mbps, offering much more manageable/efficient file sizes to streamline your workflow while retaining the same benefits of RAW. Simultaneous recording of Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC Proxies is also supported.

More than just the Canon EOS R5C will be announced on January 19, 2022

More than just the Canon EOS R5C will be announced on January 19, 2022

By Canon Rumors | January 13, 2022 | Canon Cinema EOS Rumors

*Update* I have had conflicting information about the announcements next week. While all of this information below is correct, it may not all happen on January 19, 2022. More to come…

I love announcement week! I have now confirmed more Cinema EOS goodies that we can look forward to.

Canon EOS R5C

The Canon EOS R5C! Canon’s active cooling video-focused version of the EOS R5. You can check the rumored specifications here.

Canon Cinema EOS C70 Firmware

Canon will announce new firmware for the Canon Cinema EOS C70. The new firmware will add RAW. I don’t know if it’s external or internal.

New Cinema Lenses!

Canon will announce new compact cinema zoom lenses. I think it’s safe to assume that the RF mount will be offered.

New 8K Options?

The Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III and Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II will get new modules. It’s been rumored for quite some time that we’d see 8K versions of these cameras. I haven’t confirmed what the “modules” are, but I think Canon is about to go all-in on 8K.

The official announcements are scheduled for January 19, 2022, at 7 AM EST.

Industry News: Leica officially announces the Leica M11

By Canon Rumors | January 13, 2022 | Industry News

Wetzlar, January 13th 2022. The new Leica M11 combines the experience of traditional rangefinder photography with contemporary camera technology, delivering maximum flexibility to every photographer. Featuring an exclusive triple resolution sensor, expanded ISO range, dual memory options, extended battery life and a streamlined and intuitive menu system; the Leica M11 represents a new benchmark in digital photography as the most flexible M-System camera in Leica’s history.

Read more…

This is how you downgrade the firmware on a Canon camera

By Canon Rumors | January 12, 2022 | Canon EOS R

There are rumors going around that people are having autofocus issues with firmware 1.5.0 and the Canon EOS R5. This isn’t something that I have experienced, nor I have received any communication about issues. Sometimes I’m the first line of tech support for whatever reason.

KH Cams on YouTube has posted a video showing you how to downgrade the firmware on the Canon EOS R6. This will also work with the Canon EOS R5. It’s claimed that it’ll work on any Canon dual card slot camera, but I have not and likely never will test this out.

Canon firmware downgrade instructions:

  1. Put firmware v1.5.0 on one SD card and v1.4.0 on another.
  2. Insert the SD card with 1.5.0 into the camera
  3. Go to the firmware update in the menu
  4. Press okay on the update, and as quickly as possible open the battery door on the camera or battery grip
  5. Insert the SD (Or CFExpress) card with firmware 1.4.0
  6. Close the battery door to turn the camera back on
  7. The camera will automatically start ‘updating’ from 1.5.0 to 1.4.0″
Canon UK confirms that the Canon EOS R5C will be announced next week

Canon UK confirms that the Canon EOS R5C will be announced next week

By Canon Rumors | January 12, 2022 | Canon EOS Rumors

The Canon EOS R5C has been long-rumored around these parts, and it will finally be officially announced on January 19, 2022.

Yesterday, Canon began teasing next week’s announcement. Canon News reports that the internet did what the internet does and discovered that Canon UK confirmed the Canon EOS R5C announcement when the promo image they used was named “EOS_R5C_Teaser-01-ProNews“, it has since been changed.

Canon EOS R5C Specifications (Rumored)

  • 45mp full-frame sensor (Same as the EOS R5)
  • IBIS
  • Canon Log 3
  • Canon Log 2 is still being discussed
  • No Internal NDs
  • Unlimited 8K30P recording in Cinema RAW Light. XF-AVC and MP4
  • Timecode in/out
  • The same multipurpose hot shoe as the EOS R3. Which will work with accessories such as the Tascam XLR module.
  • Active cooling
  • 3/8″ or 1/4″ mounting point on the EVF for a top handle that won’t interfere with the hot shoe.
  • Full-size HDMI Port
  • The LCD has been moved further back to accommodate the cooling fan. So this likely means that it won’t recess into the body like the Canon EOS R5.


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