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7D 150x150 - A 60D & 7D? [CR1]
"I'm bringing a friend"

A DPR poster is making reference to a 60D being available alongside a cheaper FF 7D.

60D Specs
14.7mp (APS-C)
More AF Points
1080p Video

CR's Take
I have never discounted that there could be TWO new prosumer SLR's coming down the pipe. A 7D only would make very little sense spec wise. There would be no fast canon SLR other than the 50D and 1D Mark III (or IV when it's replaced). We have heard solid rumors in favor of both cameras existing.

These 60D specs are pretty wonky, a new sensor? I think Canon could improve the current 15.1mp sensor as they did with the XTI sensor to the 40D.



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