Development announcement before years end?
There has been a bit of discussion lately about the upcoming “big megapixel” camera body from Canon. The camera is slated for release some time in 2014. We're told that there is a possibility that the camera will get a¬†development¬†announcement before the years end.

We're told there is still discussion in regards to form factor of such a camera. There's probably an even 50/50 split in preferences between an EOS-1Dx style body or a EOS 5D Mark III style body. I fall into the latter category, the smaller, the better for me. However, there are lots of people that love the ergonomics of the EOS-1D X. I guess it's possible there could be a mix of both styles of body.

A different source says there are 3 different sensors currently in development, all of which are above the 35mp pixel count. Canon is apparently quite motivated to make industry leading sensors again, as we should see some of that in the EOS 7D Mark II and perhaps even the 70D in the summer.

The EOS-1D X is apparently slated for replacement in late 2014 or early 2015, and Canon would like to have a large megapixel camera on the market before that happens.


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