An interview with Masaya Maeda by Neil Matsumoto has appeared on the EOSHD forum, Maeda is unusually open and frank with his answers about future products and features we can expect from Canon in regards to video. Below are the answers we think are the most interesting.

HDVP: Happy to see that the C300 Mark II is offering 4K. On that note, what sort of future does the C500 have?

Masaya Maeda: There isn't anything I can say about the C500 at this point. We're currently investigating to see if we can take this product to the next level. We're looking into that now.

HDVP: When you say “next level,” could we be seeing a more traditional digital motion-picture camera, like the ARRI ALEXA or the Sony F65?

Maeda: Yes, we're looking into this.

We've been hearing for quite some time that Canon would directly compete with Alexa in the future and it looks like that may just happen.


HDVP: One criticism of your DSLRs for video capture is the lack of a neutral or flat color profile. Will Canon Log ever be offered on your DSLRs?

Maeda: Yes, we're considering that, although I can't tell you what level that will be incorporated. In the future, we would like to bring that into our DSLRs.

This would make a lot of 5D Mark IV customers happy.


HDVP: We've seen the success of the Sony a7S and Samsung NX1 mirrorless cameras. Do you think there's a market for a Canon mirrorless 4K camera that doesn't fit in the Cinema EOS line?

Maeda: I think that's a promising product, but we don't like to imitate others, so I think it would be a slightly different product if we release something like that.

Sometimes imitation isn't a bad thing. :) You can read the entire interview over at EOSHD.

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