Too good to be true?
A cryptic message today said Canon is developing their first f/2 zoom. The broken english of the email said the lens would be a “short zoom range”. There was no focal length given.


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  1. Charles Bronson on

    You’re probably right. Heavy, too.

    It’s already dropped from $800 to $720. It’s supposedly a really nice lens, but 3.5-5.6 doesn’t cut it. I wouldn’t mind renting one and trying it out, though.

  2. I think its gonna be under 100mm if not it will be massive… I mean it will be big compared to the rest, but not huge like a 200f/2 IS USM (that mofo is huge)

  3. A racist? Your kidding right?

    An uptight jackass maybe, but I don’t know how you get “racist” out of that…

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