Hugh Brownstone had a chance to chat with Tim Smith from Canon USA regarding the Canon Cinema EOS C700 camera which was announced back on September 1 of this year. The Cinema EOS C700 was in development for about 5 years before it was announced and will come in 3 versions, the EF mount, PL mount and later on, a PL mount with a global shutter.

The new Cinema EOS C700 is modular, so even if you pickup an EF version of the C700, you'll be able to take it to Canon service and they can give it the global shutter, as well as swap the mount to PL. The one significant difference with the global shutter version is it has less latitude than the non GS version (14 stops compared to 15 stops), which isn't a big difference, but should be noted.

This flagship cinema camera from Canon will run you about $30,000USD and should be available soon. It's definitely not for everyone, but it should fit a niche quite nicely.

Canon Cinema EOS C700 at B&H Photo: EF Mount | PL Mount | PL w/Global Shutter

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