It appears the “fix” isn't solving all the problems folks are having.

Oh well……..

It appears if you turn off highlight tone priority, lighting optimizer and noise reduction, the black dots and artifacts disappear.

from [DPR]

Anyone that has had trouble with black dots, let me know if this fixes your issues.


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  2. “People should learn to keep their calm and use their brains instead of acting like a flock of sheep.

    If it has been proven the black dots are in the RAW data, how would TURNING OFF POST PROCESSING effects like highlight tone priority, LTO or NR eliminate the artifacts?

    I swear, every time you go and read DPR forums you lose more brain cells than a Friday night pub crawl.

    Go and get drunk people. Or go out and take pictures… Sheesh!”

    Have you tried IT??

    All photos with the blown highlights I’ve looked at on DPR have the problem. Those that were downloadable in raw can be processed in DPP by turning off Auto Lighting optomizer and adding noise reduction. That makes sense, since they are a form of noise, likely generated in the hardware. The lighting optomizer just brings them out to be seen better.

    My 5D2 finally arrived last night, I hope to try it tonight and see what I find.


  3. do these dots appear in approximately same areas of the image near highlights regardless of the composition or can they appear anywhere on the image as long as they’re to the right of highlights?
    if it’s the former, it’s possible that it’s the hardware issue, and there’s current leakage from the Vdd to ground on the cmos when the signal is too high (if you have no idea what that means, bottom line is hardware problem = bad) in those areas, in which case you’re out of luck.
    if it’s the latter, then it’s likely to be a signal processing issue and could be fixed with a firmware update (depending on how much is actually hard-coded).

  4. actually to correct myself, it would be leakage from the neighboring cmos – since the artifact only shows up on the edge of highlight and a dark area

  5. thanks ian. yeah my 5d2 has a very serious purple dot problem. i’ve called canon. they’re looking into it.

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