It appears the “fix” isn't solving all the problems folks are having.

Oh well……..

It appears if you turn off highlight tone priority, lighting optimizer and noise reduction, the black dots and artifacts disappear.

from [DPR]

Anyone that has had trouble with black dots, let me know if this fixes your issues.


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  1. I finally started playing with my 5D2 tonight just to learn all the functions. I have had a 5D MK 1 which I sold because I didn’t like it, (Replkaced with 40D) but this one is great. So far, I’ve been pleasantly suprised with everything I’ve tried. Autofocus in a almost dark room is amazing, and on my black doog, with little contrast in dim indoor light, it locks on great, and the resulting DR was amazing. This was at ISO 3200. Since its night and I only have incandesent house lighting, I as amazed that it can even take a photo.

    I’ve mostly used my 24-105L, which was great on my 40D, but its shortcomings in edge sharpness are apparent with the FF camera. I’ve also took some quick shots with my manual focus 90mm TS-E. No edge softness with it!!

    Right now I’m wishing I had a 135mm F2 to try on it, The FF Format really pushes the edge softness with lenses that are great on my 40D. I’ll be using my 70-200 f/2.8 IS tomorrow for the most part.

    I have a couple of photo sessions tomorrow,(No Pay, so Semi Pro:-) ! One is my son’s high school play dress rehearsal, and the other is for the Christmas party at the assisted living residence where my 91 YO father lives. I plan to do these without flash (Mostly).

    I should be able to duplicate the black spots then.

    As far as per pixel noise is concerned, the camera is about the same as the 40D, but when reduced to print size it is difficult to see. It also cleans up nicely with noise ninja or noiseware. I haven’t decided which to buy yet, I find that it depends on the scene as to which works best.

  2. I decided to cancel my order,

    canon won’t have one of my pennies until they can assure me the camera I pay 3K for is absolutely perfect. I really wanted to go FF before the new year but I guess it will have to wait. or I will pick up a used 5D. some say the pictures still look better on the original.

  3. I took a batch of 5D MK II photos tonight mostly using available light at ISO 3200. While the noise was really low, the shutter speeds were also too slow to get sharp photos. Many times, the subjects were moving which made some pretty awful shots. Tomorrow is another session, so I’ll setup better lighting. I wasn’t happy with the sharpness of my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens either, even at f/4, it was not pinpoint sharp. I’ll use my 70-200 f/4 IS tomorrow. I was really wishing I had a 135 F/2 tonight.

    At my fathers Christmas party, I did not attempt to make black dots, but did find them in the reflections of ceiling lighting in the dark windows. They were pretty insignificant, and very hard to spot. Of course, they were not visible at normal viewing levels.

  4. I’m having trouble getting super sharp photos as well (24-105). Seems to be a mixed bag of complaints with this. I’m going to try the AF microadjustment to see if that helps.

  5. Ed:

    I was looking for black dots with 135f2L. Very sharp at 50-400ISO even at f2. At 800 ISO the noise starts to impact the sharpness, although at f8 and 3200 ISO I can still make out good detail. All taken on a tripod. Hand held shots turned out pretty good, but not as good as the tripod shots.

    Based what I have read about the 1Ds Mark III, it was to be expected that lens sharpness would be an issue at 21 Megpixels. There is also the common error of mistakening pixel sharpness with overall image sharpness. I take comfort in the fact the sharpness is lens limited not camera limited (at least with most of my lenses).

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