Not much, but something
I've been told a couple of things about the 60D by a decent source that surfaces every so often.

1) The sensor will be the 18mp CMOS sensor, not the 13.8mp sensor from a previous rumor.
2) There will be a new feature in the 60D that isn't available anywhere else in the lineup. No word on what that is. GPS?
3) The camera is nearing it's first production run and is in final testing right now.

Not much, but appreciated.


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  1. Son of Daguerre on

    Daguerre invented the first practical photograph, the daguerreotype.

    So we’re pretty smart.

  2. No one is “whining” as much as expecting something more than old marketing crap with the MP race.

    I never said I was going to drink the Kool-Aid either and quite frankly I love my 40D.

    The fact is this is a concern across many reviews I’ve read vs Nikon but I prefer Canon. The fact is the 7D is major leap vs the 50D and I don’t see the point of 60D if it’s not better overall than the 50D it will replace at price point that makes sense.
    I wouldn’t mind getting a new body but my current needs are new lenses. However, if Canon can do something like they did with the 7D at a good price point, then the 60D might actually make me upgrade sooner. That or lower the cost of the 7D.

  3. I would like to have a 60D with weather sealing, 18 megapixels, HD video, flash control, 19-point autofocus, 100% viewfinder, dual processors- wait, that’s the 7D… What I foresee coming is a 50D with video and an articulating screen. For me to consider a 60D (without all of the above options), I would want IBIS and/or APS-H (lite) sensor with APS-C capability (ala the D700 FX/DX combo). Neither seems likely in the $1,200 price hole Canon is looking to fill. One can always hope!

  4. Come on – how long is this going to take? Where the heck is the 60D? I am itching to upgrade my 40D!!!

  5. Maxim Harper on

    I feel that they cannot add video to the 60d or it would be too similar to the 7d. So its gunna need something shich sets it apart, this might sound a bit crazy but either;
    -Cheaper full frame camera but at only 15mp
    -Touchscreen/movable screen
    -Body Image stabilisation

    But obviously there will be features like SD card as well as CF, weatherproofing (hopefully), and maybe a ergonomics upgrade

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