NAB 2018 begins on April 7, 2018 and is the next big “announcement show” after CP+ in March. Canon more often than not announces at least one significant product for the show, and some years make a big splash.

What does Canon have in store for us for NAB 2018?

A replacement to a current Cinema EOS camera is coming, and we know it's not an EOS C200 Mark II, EOS C500 Mark II or an EOS C700 Mark II. The obvious choice would be an EOS C100 Mark III, though I wouldn't be surprised to see an EOS C300 Mark III announced. We hope to confirm what the new Cinema EOS camera is soon.

There is also going to be a second camera announced at NAB 2018, but it won't be in the Cinema EOS line.

The big splash as far as Canon cinema gear is concerned could be coming after NAB, we've heard rumblings of something bigger coming in the May/June timeframe, but we haven't been able to confirm this.

If there was a DSLR coming for the show, we would have heard about it by now. DSLRs are generally not announced for NAB, outside of the EOS-1D C back in 2012.

As for lenses, Cinema EOS lenses rarely leak out ahead of the show, we cannot confirm any new CN-E lenses at this time.

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