It's coming
A source wrote me today talking about a R&D meeting at Canon in the Netherlands. They talked about a mirrorless Rebel body coming as early as 2010 or maybe in 2011. Canon is waiting for OLED to be perfected.

This is obviously coming one day, the question is when.


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  1. perfecting oled ha. arent they buying stuff like that elsewhere. isnt it just a thingy to be simply put on the back of the cam. perfecting for what…fitting? dont pull my leg,please.

    450d announced in jan08 + 18mos(ave.time of replacement) = july 2009 for the expected new rebel release.

    but since canon wants to protect its market share, maybe its okay for them to announce the new 450d successor come PMA 2009 –and thats in March.

  2. Canon’s last upgrade from the XSi to the XT1 was only a year right? Could this be coming next summer? What about a full frame Rebel at some point? I’m still loving my XTi but would like to try the HD. Should I wait….that’s always a tough question to answer.

  3. If they talk about Rebel Series it has to be EFS mount. But I like this trend anyway. =0) If they will accompany this “whatever to be” camera with a choice of couple pancake-sized lenses, it would be the end for G series.

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