A new camera has appeared for certification with the FCC. The new camera is described as a “Digital Still Image Video Camera” and has the model FV-100 on the submitted product label.

Beyond the label, there isn't much more information given about the camera. All external images of the camera will not be available until March 19, 2020, which happens to be a Thursday, which is the day of the week Canon usually announces products in North America.

The camera in question will be manufactured in China, so I would bet it's some kind of entry-level camera such as an IVY REC, which Canon has crowdfunded for.

We expect the bigger Canon announcements to happen in February of 2020 ahead of CP+.

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  1. Security camera possibly? Or maybe some sort of GoPro type camera?

    Canon has sold a "Digital Still Image Video Camera " before. it's a video camera that simply takes lots of individual shots and strings them together to make a video. Really old tech: http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Canon_RC-250

    It could be that with the speed of the sensors these days, resurrecting the tech could bypass some of the import tarrifs (and most importantly the 30 minute limit in europe) for videocameras, especially if the export to video happened software side on a pc.
  2. It's as tough and fast as a 1D Series, same size as the R, better battery than any other Canon camera, shoots 24p, no crop 4/6/8k, super low noise high iso, takes RF and EF without an adapter, dual card slots(same card) with only one caveat.

    It only comes in a Hello Kitty graphic.
  3. The DR is rubbish.... :ROFLMAO:
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