Canon EOS Rumors

A new EOS Rebel is coming this month, possibly an EOS Rebel T8i or entry level EOS M camera[CR1]

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We were sent a strange rumor this week, one we figured was a typo. “Canon will announce the EOS Joey in August”. So I took to Twitter to figure out what sort of autocorrect error would come up with “Joey”, and someone came up with “Kiss”, which is what Rebel’s are called on certain areas of the planet.

Which Rebel is due for replacement? We think the EOS Rebel T7i/800D/Kiss X9i is a little long in the tooth, as it was announced back in February of 2017.

There are no specifications at this time, but the bigger leaks are likely coming over the next week or two.

As pointed out on our forum, it’s possible that it could also mean a new entry-level EOS M camera is coming, as the EOS M50 also received the “Kiss” designation.