Just a brief history lesson
Just showing the age of the current big white lenses, and how quickly they had been updated in the past.

As some have suggested, the new coating will probably be on any update. Possibly lighter weight? We'll have to see.

Canon Telephoto & Super Telephoto Release Dates

1987 – 300 f/2.8L
1999 – 300 f/2.8L IS

1991 – 400 f/2.8L
1996 – 400 f/2.8L II
1999 – 400 f/2.8L IS

1992 – 500 f/4.5L
1999 – 500 f/4L IS

1988 – 600 f/4L
1999 – 600 f/4L IS

What's coming
According a new source, this is what should be expected over the next 18 months from Canon as far as the pro segment goes.

Fall 2009

Camera Bodies
1D Mark IV

300 f/2.8L IS II
400 f/2.8L IS II

Winter 2010
500 f/4L IS II
600 f/4L IS II

Fall 2010 (Photokina)
On a side note about Photokina. I'll commit to it now. Canon Rumors will be there!

1Ds Mark IV
35L II
24-70 II
New Flash

This is a CR1 rumor, but goes along with a few things I've heard and previously written about.


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  1. I’ve got both the 85 and 50 I mentioned and unfortunately neither has AF that’s up to shooting sports (in my case cycling road races)

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