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Planet5D sat down with Chuck Westfall to bring more information about the Canon EOS-1D X that doesn't appear in the official Canon press release.

With the 1D X we did get many advancements including the removal of the 12 minute recording time. I found it interesting that we did finally get real clarification from Canon that indeed the main reason for limiting recording time to under 30 minutes is a taxation issue in Europe. We also know that there’s still the 4gb file limit set by the file system used on the CF cards, but Canon has implemented a system that creates new files when the first one fills up – up to the 29.59 minute time limit to get under the taxation issue. We were also told that if this camera were shooting over 30 minutes of video, the price would need to increase about 30% to cover it! So I believe that the vast majority of people needing longer shooting times will be happy with this new compromise.

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From Canon USA
Canon has posted their official page for the EOS-1D X.

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Rob Galbraith weighs in.
Lots of people will be waiting for Rob's opinion about the EOS-1D X, for now it's just an overview.

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Canon Europe Video
Canon Europe has posted a video with Frits Van Eldik talking about the Canon EOS-1D X

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