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Adobe CS5 Coming April 12, 2010

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adobecs5 - Adobe CS5 Coming April 12, 2010

Adobe is inviting the planet to an online launch of Adobe Creative Suite 5.

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Beta 2 of Lightroom 3 is available for download.

Download Lightroom CS3 b2:


43 responses to “Adobe CS5 Coming April 12, 2010”

  1. Apple Aperture FTW!

    I haven’t upgraded Adobe BloatSuite since v2. The most creative thing about it is Adobe’s marketing hype.

    I may upgrade when I move to Intel, but even then possibly at the end of the cycle…free upgrade to v6!

  2. Yes, I already thought about using LR, but at the end I will have to buy PS anyway, and so I can save up about 100€… That’s money I don’t have… ;-) Without using LR, I can spend more money on lenses =)

  3. I found 64bit LR to be noticeably quicker in OS X. Images render in “high quality” much more quickly when advancing from photo to photo

  4. I imagine they’ve made the interface even more incomprehensible, frustrating and nonstandard.

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