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Adobe CS5 Coming April 12, 2010

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adobecs5 - Adobe CS5 Coming April 12, 2010

Adobe is inviting the planet to an online launch of Adobe Creative Suite 5.

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Beta 2 of Lightroom 3 is available for download.

Download Lightroom CS3 b2:


43 responses to “Adobe CS5 Coming April 12, 2010”

  1. Let me save you some time – don’t bother with the Lightroom 3 beta – you can’t use it with lightroom 2 catalogs so you are basically painting yourself into a corner. And as for CS5, I just went back to CS3 b/c Photoshop in CS4 was not handling my workflow efficiently. Can I get a HARUMPH?!?!?

  2. I’ll give you a harumph. LR2 is where it’s at until they finish their beta, I like my photos too much to be the guy who finds all the end-user bugs for them.

  3. Well, you can also use LR2/Mogrify plugin for watermarking, slaing etc. already in LR2. At the moment LR3b2 enhancements on expoert do not match to that.

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