Adobe is preparing a major performance boosting update for Lightroom Classic. Version 7.2 will incorporate the following performance gains:

From Adobe:

In this upcoming Lightroom Classic 7.2 release, we were able to make significant strides with our partners at Intel on addressing key performance issues. We have optimized CPU and memory usage so that performance will scale better across multiple cores on computers with at least 12 GB of RAM.

Adobe claims the update will result in: (From DPReview)

  • Faster import and preview generation
  • Faster walking of images in the Loupe View
  • Faster rendering of adjustments in Develop
  • Faster batch merge operations of HDR/Panos
  • Faster export

DPReview had a chance to test drive the coming update to Lightroom Classic CC.

DPReview found that exporting saw a very noticeable improvement in speed. Adobe exported 63 RAW conversions from the Pansonic G9 as full resolution JPGs with the highest quality settings and report an 11% boost in performance.

  • LR 7.1 – 11:51 (711 seconds)
  • LR 7.2 – 10:31 (631 seconds)

This is slower than Adobe's own benchmarks, but DPReview notes that Adobe has told them performance scales better as you add more cores.

DPReview found no speed boost importing photos, but Adobe claims that may have been user error and they will report back once they do the tests per Adobe's instructions.

Adobe says this is just the beginning for performance boosts, and that the company will continue to optimize performance in future updates.

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