Our exclusive affiliate partner Adorama, a company we love working with has launched its new web site and branding. Along with the new branding is a new mission statement and a new vision statement.

Some of the changes and improvements you will see:

  • New Taxonomy
  • Creator Highlights on feature testimonials from working professionals on our most popular products.
  • Improved merchandising for a better navigational experience
  • A revamped homepage that showcases the breadth of what Adorama offers

Adorama's New Mission Statement:

We believe everyone is a creator. Our mission is to inspire, educate and equip to make dreams a reality.

Vision Statement:

Be an integral part of every creator’s success story.

Check out the new Adorama

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  1. Why? Someone got paid a lot of money for doing so little. Their old logo, shutter aperture, was instantly recognizable. The trend of making the name the logo is lazy, uncreative, and dull.
  2. Taxonomy is the science of identifying, classifying, and naming living things. Could someone clarify for me how the term could apply to a camera store.
    Camera stores have many products and sku's. For better shopping experience all those products have to be classified in an easy to find / navigate system. Taxonomy isn't just the classification of living things (though that is where it is popularly used). It is a scheme of classification that can be applied to any system.

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