Amazon is running a pretty impressive promotion at the moment. You can save 10% (and possibly 3% cashback) on top of all of the current instant rebates on most Canon mirrorless cameras and lenses. You can also save 10% on a whole bunch of other products.

The catch is that you have to use your Amazon Prime credit card to receive the discount. If you don't have one, you can sign-up for one and receive other bonus' on top of the promotional discounts. You can learn more about the Amazon Prime cards here.

Possible Camera Deals

You can check out all of the other deals available to Amazon Prime Card Holders here.

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    1. ...very nice.

      Can someone with awareness of Canon price history comment?

      I wonder because my own monitoring of selected computer and computer-related prices suggests that prices are falling.

      Supply chain issues subsiding?

      More inventory to sell?

      Pandemic-accelerated purchases declining?

      All could lead to more motivated sellers.

      Who knows.

      I don't but like to imagine that I do.

      But I don't know--I was certain that putting Apple Stores into high-end shopping malls was doomed to fail.

      My one cent

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