CNET has posted a video and article about the Magic Lantern software for your Canon DSLR. This software helps to unlock a lot of features not available otherwise in various Canon DSLR cameras.

Magic Lantern is one of the most popular firmware add-ons available, opening up many possibilities for photography and video. It's free, runs alongside the stock Canon firmware and new features are constantly being added.

Once installed, your dSLR gets useful tools such as:

  • Focus peaking: highlights the area of the image that are in focus
  • Zebras: flashes to indicate areas of the image that are under or over-exposed
  • HDR video: boosts the dynamic range of recorded video by alternating the ISO
  • In-camera intervalometer: useful for time-lapse photography, with no extra remote required
  • Motion detection: take an image when the camera senses motion

These features are just the tip of the iceberg. A full functionality list can be found in the userguide.

Read the full article at CNET | Visit Magic Lantern



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