All signs point to August 19
According to a Danish site, Canon will be making their next round of PowerShot & EOS announcements August 19, 2009.

The PowerShot lineup will receive its updates. There will also be 2 SLR's according to multiple sources. The obvious 60D/7D camera and a 2000D/T1.

Another email stated August 25, 2009 would be the day for announcements, but my money is on the 19th.


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  1. Nothing unusual there. I still shoot weddings 5D Mark II (Which I love) with a 30D as my second unit. Will be upgrading to either a 60D or 1D Mark IV depending on their specs.

  2. Sorry, I meant that I would left the 15MP sensor, but maybe with upgrades in another area, like a higher ISO capability or stuff like that.
    The bigger you want to plot your images, the more MP you will need.

    Anyhow, 19th seems to be the right date. Hope the 60D will be ready for September… Thinking on buying one very fast :)

  3. I think that there are many limiting factors that make Nikon’s decisions are more technically correct.

    1. Most photographers are not interested in video (until today ;-).

    2. Most of the TVs around the world, today are HD Ready and not FULL HD (including mine…) , this means that you would not be able to see in their best quality videos in 1920×1080.

    3. The sensors… 15MP vs 12MP. You see that the 500D/T1i has Full HD but not in the rate everyone would expect. I think that Sony’s sensors here will be improving in the next months. As they are also improving their cameras.

    4. The auto/manual focus here is playing a big difference between the two brands, and I see here a key point for Nikon.

    5. Time limit. This is a difficult to overcome factor, as I think that both companies will need to update their real time OSes in the cameras to more than 32bits. This is why there is a time limit or size limit for the files. The second problem is related to the heat up of the sensor and the other elements in the camera. This is not a video camera definitely.

    6. The videos size is also a limiting factor as the CF/SD cards are not increasing too fast their sizes. If you go outside and film many videos in a trip, you will need a bunch of fast cards (which starts to be quite expensive).

    The only use that I see to video is just when I want to film something around with the family. Other than that, it is difficult to say, as today HD video cameras have much better capabilities (and lower prices…).

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