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*UPDATE* Announcement Day February 23, 2010?

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From DigitalREV
They’ve apparently been invited to a Canon Press Event.

digitalrev - *UPDATE* Announcement Day February 23, 2010?From DigitalRev’s Twitter Feed

No Confirmed Press Event
I received an email saying that February 23, 2010 will be the launch date of a new camera body.

We’ll be on the lookout for press event(s) around the globe.


159 responses to “*UPDATE* Announcement Day February 23, 2010?”

  1. Why do people talk before they can read?

    Haven’t you even heard of the Sigma 12-24 with 0 distortion and superb sharpness at 12mm?

  2. Seriously, don’t people have brains nowadays?

    NASA order D3ss and 14-24s to take pictures inside the space shuttle. Not for taking picture of stars. Same when they ordered D2xs back in the day.

    I hardly know anyone who uses Nikon digital cameras for deep space imaging, etc…. you know, the stuff that involve stars etc? ROFL

    Learn to read:

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