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Announcement details on the 1DX Mark III

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Overnight we have received both some information on the release of the 1DX Mark III, and a new interesting image.  I apologize for the low quality of the image, I removed the photographer from the image to protect their identity, but what we are seeing in this camera, is certainly not any 1DX series camera I’ve seen (and it looks really cool I might add).  Is this simply a prototype or is Canon thinking of doing something radical for the 1 series lineup and giving it different looks?

I looked at image given to CR by a source and didn’t think it was a Mark II.  Apparently it was!  I make mistakes at times.

Another source mentioned to us that the 1DX Mark III will be available for inspection at a major dealer in Australia in February, with a release in April.  This would have Canon doing an official announcement sometime in February, before CP+.  Considering this is the major tradeshow in Japan, and the Olympics are being held later on in 2020 in Japan, this seems like a very likely scenario.





Dec 17, 2013
Prototype paint scheme. No way it's going to look like a 7 pt AF film body.
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CR Pro
Dec 26, 2015
Turku, Finland
It's just unpainted, and seems to be also missing the plastic antenna cover on top of the viewfinder bump. Otherwise looks just like previous 1D bodies.


Jan 26, 2017
Maybe the 70-300L?
Maybe, I thought that too at first, but I think the size difference between the zoom ring and focus ring more resembles the 100-400. Also, the line through the central white part of the barrel (between the focus and zoom black rubber rings) appears to be pretty close to equidistant between the zoom and focus ring - the 100-400 is pretty close to equidistant, but the 70-300 has that marker closer to the zoom ring.

It could be though - I don't own either lens so I'm comparing based on crappy google image searches.



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Aug 31, 2018
If I assume this is the same photo I saw (I compared the hand below the lens), the photographer mentions a "homemade" styling where an already existing EF body has received a "sandblast" treatment. The obvious question regarding a 1D X III was answered with "not yet". Sorry to bust the hype. YMMV
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CR Pro
Nov 8, 2011
It looks like garbage! But I do not believe they would make it like that! The 1 series have a great look. No need for change. But yes this would be the second surprise (the first being a 20Mpixel camera) ! :D


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Nov 29, 2018
After consulting the pics on the B&H web site, the lens is the 70-300 L. It definitely is not the 100-400. I have one beside me bolted to an R. The zoom ring is longer on the 100-400 otherwise it and the 70-300 are arranged similarly and there is the step down in diameter after the tripod mount.

It seems the camera pictured here does not have the plastic dome or roof over the pentaprism to house the gps and wireless antennas which shows prominently on B&H's 1DXiii photos. Perhaps that roof fell victim to a hurricane or Photoshop.


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CR Pro
Jan 28, 2015
The Ozarks
not maybe, it IS the 100-400 ii, simple to identify, and why do we really care about what lens is on it?
Some people care to look at details, some don't. Why do you care that others do?
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