February 10, 2009?
I received some info today that Canon is planning their next announcements on February 10, 2009.

SLR's being announced:
1D Mark IV (won't be given the “4/IV”moniker)
Rebel XSi Replacement
Rebel XS Replacement

*UPDATE* As always with Canon, there's a chance these cameras will be split into 2 different days of announcements. Ala the 50D and 5D2.

There will be 2 lens announcements. One of them will not be the 35L, that's being held for the 1Ds4 launch in the fall.

The 40D will also be discontinued by this time and the 50D will come in around the $1000 mark. This will again leave a gaping price point in Canon's lineup. The source didn't say there would be a camera added to the lineup beyond the replacements, It just looks like there could be…. again.

One thing that could determine Canon's direction with product announcement is how well this Christmas season goes and how the economics of the planet are doing. A model or two could be held off until Christmas 2009.


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  1. Ron Scubadiver on

    50D for $1000 by February? Its already a great $1200 camera, unfortunately priced at $1400. Canon missed on this one, just not by as much as they did on the 40D last year. It should have had a 12Mp gapless sensor, new AF system, improved AF and a working auto iso. The latter probably could been done in software. Its too bad because Canon has a great collection of lenses.

  2. Jay Says:
    “I think Canon is dropping the ball in not offering a low MP full frame camera, something around 12 or 15 MP.”

    Uhm, it’s called the Canon 5D and it’s been available for over 3 years.

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