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I've received a few pieces of info for an announcement in the middle of July. It appears July12/July 13 or July 19/July 20, we haven't nailed it down exactly yet. More will come soon.

There will be a 2nd announcement cycle in August.

There will probably be a DSLR announcement (60D/3D) as well as other cameras and accessories. Do not expect a 1Ds Mark IV at this time.


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  1. It won’t fall to that level until the 7D mkII is released. In fact the 7D will probably still be more than the rebel after it is discontinued.
    The 7D is worth the extra. The rebel series ergonomics are bad, unless you primarily use automatic everything.

  2. Now that I’ve had the 7D for a few days and have had a couple chances to play with it… I think I made the right choice. First impression: the screen is a bazillion times better than the one on my old 40D … the AF system is light years beyond the 40D… I’m still playing with the metering and trying to figure it out… and the highlight tone priority – still figuring that out as well. I like the fact that it has features I don’t completely understand yet :)

    The 18-135 IS lens that I got with it is a HUGE improvement on the low end compared to the 28-135 that came with my old 40D (which I sold)…

    So … thus far, I’m very happy with my decision…

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