It's coming (1D Mark 4)
It looks certain that Canon will introduce a new camera on Tuesday Oct. 20th. Most likely it will be the 1D Mk IV, with very high ISO.  Probably as high as ISO 102,400. The camera will have an APS-H (1.3x Crop) sensor.

I have no information on resolution, fps or movie options yet.

I'd rate this CR 2.5-2.9.

Very solid source.

Other Info [CR1]
A separate email stated Canon would be sending its entire pro-staff to Vancouver for the 2010 games to promote the camera.

The same email said we can expect delivery date to follow the same timeframe as the 7D.

The last 1D?
As speculated in the past, a couple of sources think this (1D Mark 4) is the end of the 1D line from Canon. We will be seeing only one EOS-1 body in the future. Let the 3D rumors commence.

1Ds Mark 4 [CR2]
Spring time frame for the next 1Ds. It will be 32mp.


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