So says DSLR Magazine (This is a Babelfish Translation, so the english is broken)
Of generally well informed sources, it has been possible to know that Canon could announce new features next day 20 of October.

As products star of that presentation, and always according to the mentioned sources, 1D Mark III would be the substitute of Canon EOS, perhaps “Canon EOS 1D Mark IV” or a new less complicated name as well as a new professional zoom lens EF 200 mm f/2,8. The characteristics characteristic of this last one could include more – than probably the new system of stabilization incorporated by the company/signature in their last presented/displayed objectives (IFA).

With regard to new “Canon EOS 1D Mark IV”, a very fast camera for fotoreporteros, comments in internal circles that, of course, are not going away to commercialize until “they have not given to cane” the professionals him in field tests, and it in order to avoid the accumulation of problems esperimentados by the previous models.

On the other hand, Canon has announced that will not go to fair WFP of the 2010, which without a doubt will be a certain blow for the organization.
The alluded to reasons are that “the form is being reconsidered in become the things”, and one cannot stop thinking if the fact to have changed the attractiveness soothes of Fertile valleys (Snowed), by the still more distant and dull Anaheim, will not have had its influence.

Canon, unlike Nikon, will not have either is present at direct in the Sonimagfoto & Multimedia that abre its doors in Barcelona tomorrow.

CR's Take
No credible sources I have peg the camera for October, they all say January.

How reliable is DSLR Magazine?

I'm on the road, so I will check their track record when I return home.

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  1. Yep, I still say that canon will release a 2000D This october. Its the perfect timing for such a camera.

  2. well, any poor judgment rich pocket person would buy the D3 regardless and when the 1d MKIV comes out he will simply bu it as well..

  3. Palle Ramstedt on

    Mayby Canon will reveal what’s wrong with the AF-CHAMBER….
    Or they will introduce new Direct-Print-Button-Free model LOL

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