Some recent questions
*Please remember the “3D” and “6D” monikers are just placeholders and may or may not be what Canon calls the cameras.*

Will the “3D” or “6D” have a popup flash?


Will the new G camera be DIGIC IV?

Unknown at present, but I will try to find out.

Will there be a “G” with interchangeable lenses?

Some type of rangefinder? It would be fantastic. If Canon treated it like a niche market, they could have a wonderful new little system. There are rumors of a Nikon rangefinder… which I'd buy the day it came out.

For now, I'm unaware of any plans from Canon for such a camera.

Will DIGIC IV produce less noise than Expeed?

I would certainly hope so.

What is “dealer NET”?

Better way to put it is “dealer cost”. It's what the store pays for the product.

If there's any more questions, fire away.

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