April Fools Fun
I know at least one blog that was taken by this for about 40 minutes! (I won't tell who unless he admits it)

Exclusive: Canon DSLR video goes RAW!!

We have been hearing mutterings of this for the past few weeks. “Top DPs in Europe testing out RAW recording on Canon 5Dmkii”. It all sounded like nonsense didn’t it? Well I can exclusive reveal today (we are ahead of the US in time zones here in the UK) as the embargo I was given 0001 BST 1/4/10 has passed that Canon have done exactly what we wanted. RAW baby, RAW! New firmware will be released imminently  for every camera from the Rebel T1i/ 500D through to the 1DmkiV giving it the much desired RAW recording on the memory cards. Not just that, but they have also finally unlocked the HDMI out to give us an uncompressed feed so we can plug in our Nanoflash or KiPro and record into a format that we have dreamed of.

Read More: http://philipbloom.co.uk

Jeff Ascough
Jeff confirms that his rangefinder tweet was an April Fools joke.

Some people were upset by it, I wasn't one of those people. I just wanted it to be true. :)


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