Canon APS-H 1.3x mirrorless
Various reports have come in about a mirrorless camera from Canon that will use an APS-H (1.3x crop) sensor.

The plan within Canon is to keep the APS-H sensor size alive, as it won't be appearing in the next 1D.

Why APS-H?
1) They think that APS-C in general and their 1.6x (versus others' 1.5x) in particular is becoming increasingly difficult to improve on, update after update.
2) Sensor production costs have fallen and there isn't much difference betw 1.6x and 1.3x for Canon.
3) Canon develop a new 1.3x sensor for the 1D series every few years and no other camera shared the R&D cost with the 1D before, but this time round the 16MP sensor of 1D4 will have a new use.
4) Weight and size can be taken care of by design. So a larger sensor does not necessarily mean a heavier and bulkier package than the competition.

CR's Take
This all seems a little bit crazy to me. I'll reserve real judgement for the time being. I'll be paying close attention to the comments section to see what the tech folks think about this.

NL posted about this today as well.


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  1. You are right. Read my previous post. My estimate is about $60 difference between the APS-C and APS-H sensor. That is based on *” wafers. If they move to 12″. this difference should be smaller.

  2. John, the price between APS-C and APS-H sensor is about $60. If I strap the curve, The difference between APS_H sensor and 4/3 sensor is about $80. I will pay the extra $80 anytime to get a much better picture. The sensor is just a small part of the cost of digital camera. I thinks that Canon should make a reasonable priced EVIL camera to complete with Olympus, Panasonic and even Leica.

  3. Hallelujah!

    It would be like the second coming. Can you see it? FD lenses on an official adapter on a digital Canon camera…

    The Balance would be restored.

  4. i agree. Who said this rumor is about a stills only camera. For me this sounds like the most logical development after the succes of 5d and 7d… A wet dream of every cinematografer. Advantages of 5d s video by taking away the photocamera handling

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