I have had multiple reports over the last few months that Canon plans to announce two new EOS M cameras in 2020. Recently I was given a bit of information about the two models. Unfortunately, I have been unable to confirm this information with a source I'd consider above [CR1], so please treat this information accordingly.

Canon EOS M7

The new flagship of the EOS M lineup. Yes, it goes against Canon's normal nomenclature, but the “7” means a lot to the Canon lineup. So take what you want from the number “7”.

This camera will reportedly have the same 32mp sensor as the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, as well as IBIS, Dual Card slots, and “all the bells and whistles”.

The camera is scheduled to be announced in Q4 of 2020, but consider announcement dates a moving target in the current global environment.

I was also told that Canon will announce a “higher-end” EF-M lens for this release.

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Later in Q4 of 2020, Canon will reportedly announce the EOS M50 Mark II, a follow-up to the hugely popular EOS M50. I wasn't given any sort of specifications for this camera.

The biggest question? Will it have IBIS?

Along with the EOS M50 Mark II, Canon will reportedly announce a new prime lens for the EF-M mount. I think it'll be an 85mm equivalent prime.

More to come…

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