Fstoppers's Wasim Ahmad posted an article today on the 4000D, Canon's new entry level of entry level cameras.

Needless to say, he's pretty put out over Canon coming out with a brand new camera for under $400 dollars.

Products like these show a fundamental misunderstanding of the camera market today. Instead of lowering the bar, why not raise it with higher quality hardware and software that can beat the smartphone and convince consumers that real cameras are worth it? It’s time to make an aspirational camera.

I have problems personally with this article.   For starters, not every camera should be a inspirational camera in the industry and secondly, your inspiration should come from photography and not the camera itself.   Giving a youngster a unbreakable piece of plastic camera that they can toss around that doesn't cost alot of money – isn't a bad idea to fuel inspiration.  The article also tends to ignore the fact that not everyone can afford a Google Pixel 2 or a Apple XL with a high end computational camera, and a camera that costs around 1/3 of a top end phone fits in some people's budget far better.

Don't get me wrong, I'd never purchase a 4000D for myself, but I may consider it for my grandson when he gets a little older.  This or a M100 styled camera, he may have alot of fun with.  Inspiring his creativity I think is very important.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them in the forum.

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