Announcements Coming
I received word to expect to see new PowerShot/Ixus announcements on August 19, 2009.

No specs or camera models yet, should be hearing soon.


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  1. I would love to see an SX2 with more pixels than the SX1 – but also with a larger chip than the SX1.

    Has anyone heard of another brand that has a better hybrid cam with a long zoom like the SX1?

  2. SX10 really needs a new SX20 with (much) brigher lens. SX10 slow lens make me not buy it even if I had the S1 IS and S3 IS and was happy with them. Also they really need to put at least a 720p video mode on it and to make some software Cromatic Aberation corrections (SX1, even if it’s FullHD, is not a solution as it’s image quality is not as good as SX10 and is way too expensive). I’m waiting 4-5 more months before switching to Panasonic (FZ-38) hoping Canon corrects the mistakes they made with the SX10/SX1 (mostly way too slow lens – especially compared to S5 IS). Anyway, not hoping for news about SX10/SX1 replacements in August, maybe October/November.

  3. Robert Illing on

    Does anyone know the length of time from when Canon announces a camera and one hits the stores?

    I lost my G7. I was going to get the latest which is a G10, but they always announce around August a new product line. I’m not sure if its worth waiting or not till it hits the stores. Your advice is appreciated.

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