1) I added the [CR5] rating.
2) I cannot reveal the stores for obvious reasons. They'd probably receive a bucketload of phone calls.
3) Some stores might get 10%, but believe me.. no one is getting any more than that.
4) Canon USA owns Canon Canada, so I can believe that they can set the allocation to whatever they want. This part is a rumor that I have no official word on.
5) There will be another shipment of cameras before Christmas. This isn't the only allocation. However, don't expect to see many more than the initial numbers.
6) How do I know this will ring true across the country? Canon doesn't favor retailers anymore. Henry's won't be treated any better than Vistek or Billy Bob's Camera shop. Canon has been pretty fair to retailers on allocation. Retailers get advance notice on how many cameras they'll get if they have internet access.

Info about allocation
I've spoken to two retailers in Canada and both are saying they are being allocated 5% of their requested number of 5D Mark II's.

It's rumoured Canon USA cut back the number of cameras coming to Canon Canada.

I'll let you know if anything changes.


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  1. I pre-ordered at Lozeau (montreal) the 21th of september. Anyone can tell me my rank on the list ???

  2. Henry’s did get cameras last Fri and I got mine. I ordered the day after the announcement and was near the end of the first shipment (kit). Some reps are much more knowledgeable than others, but they clearly don’t know how many they’re getting until they come.

  3. I ordered from Camera Canada on Sept. 18th and although I was told a few weeks ago I was ‘near the top of the list’ I have yet to hear anything further.

  4. I got mine from Henry’s (Toronto) yesterday – ordered same time as Dorkage so I must have just slipped under the wire.

    Just want to add that for those of you who use Photoshop – you’ll need the latest Camera Raw update – which includes the 5D2 profile. If you use Lightroom you won’t be able to import directly until Adobe comes out with Lightroom 2.2 at the end of December (maybe) – but if you download the latest Adobe DNG converter – you can convert your files and import the converted versions. And yes – the RAW files are huge!

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