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The first presidential portrait ever taken with a digital camera. That camera was the 5D Mark II.

From Engadget…

Taken with a 5D Mark II



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  1. The derogatory comments are very interesting because it shows much more about the person making them than the subject of the bashing.

    Sometimes they become so — let’s say — neurotic that they can’t even be objective and see the big picture. And that’s a way bigger fault than a supposedly “lame lighting” or a “poor lens choice”.

  2. In all honesty the sharpness if fine. People moaning about how they would have used a sharper lens, why? You bum the guy so much you want to see the individual pores on his cheek in even more clarity?
    What bothers me is everything else. The composition is shocking.
    Someone earlier said that he had 4 hours to prepare. Honestly? Most professional get all of about two hours for a shot like this. You sure as hell should have been able to get something better than this in four.

    And what’s with all the noise on his jacket? That must just be down to compression, right?

  3. Not a good quality picture.

    Something you find at Kmart Stores!

    Lighting is flat like what you use on children, background too bright, the flag should be slightly more behind him.

    Since Obama is a tall & skinny fellow, the photographier should have posed him differently by sitting him slightly more square to the camera to give the impression of size.

    Really folks I haven’t seen so much wild enthusiasm over a US President since the Beany Baby Craze!

    Are we counting our eggs before they hatch?

    The guy has been our President less than a week and we are laying on our laurels too soon in my opinion.

    This hero worship is giving me heebie geebies.

    Remember Obama is a mere man, not the Sun God.

    I’m just waiting for pictures like this…


    Let the guy accomplish his four year term and then we can evaluate his accomplishments.

    Counting your eggs before they hatch…is bad juju!

    Retired Navy Photographier

  4. Navy photographers in general suck, especially those that can’t spell photographer.

    Retired Navy Spellchecker

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