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Best Buy Update

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Quote of the email (I edited some stuff out for source safety)
“I was checking up on some of the entries again and they changed the S90 IS information to be a SD980 IS, it kept the same model of 3635B001 and UPC of 013803116076, it even has the same SKU. The only thing that changed was the brief description to SD980 IS and the in stock date to 11-08-2009 as well as the price to $599.99. I am not sure really what they are up to and am sorry for any confusion. I just figured I would keep you up to date on what I find. If I were to do any sort of interpreting it seems they are entering place holders in the system where the UPC, Model and SKU appear to be the same.”

The email was from the same person.


25 responses to “Best Buy Update”

  1. Yeah, or maybe they are just really tight lipped. We’re def. due though for some update. Even if it is just a 60D.

  2. I love how this guy has the time to waste to criticize the wasting of time by others.

    I would guess that the irony is lost on him though.

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