New ones coming
Future “big white lenses” are going to have a restyled lens hood mechanism. The big knob approach is going to be replaced for something much better. Canon has been researching lens hood protection of the lens for a long while now.

The updated super telephotos will get a styling, coating and IS update.

On the agenda to be updated? (From past reports)

200 f/2L IS NO
300 f/2.8L IS YES
400 f/2.8L IS YES
500 f/4L IS YES
600 f/4L IS YES
800 f/5.6L IS NO

The new hood design could appear in the 200 & 800 as a standalone update for those lenses.


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  1. Anybody any idea when the updates will follow, was in the market for an 400 mm 2.8, but maybe it’s better to wait.?

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