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That’s all folks, for me anyway. Canon Rumors will live on.

By Canon Rumors | February 4, 2022 | Industry News

I knew I’d be making this post one day, and I figured it would make me sad, I was wrong about the latter. The last 24 hours have been some of the most horrible hours of my life.

This has sort of been in the works for about the last year or so. I haven’t had much fun with this site over the last 2 or 3 years, a new demographic of people have exhausted me. I think a lot of this change started with the proliferation of YouTube personalities over the last 5 years.

Nothing is about information anymore, it’s only about whose saying it. This is true for all forms of media and I really don’t want to be a part of it.

So, those last 24 hours?

I don’t care if anyone comes at me, I’m a big boy and very few of you would ever say it to my face, so I generally don’t care about the cowards and fanboys.

However, yesterday they came at my children and my wife. They came at my family….. little fanboys of certain YouTubers that have obviously been raised horribly. What was in my inbox I won’t even show my wife. I’m tearing up writing this with absolute disgust for how horrible people are becoming. All of this is created by the personalities (I refuse to call them creators), they feed off of it, they profit off of it and they don’t care.

I have over the years had to deal with blowback from things said on OTHER websites and on YouTube channels. Yesterday was the tipping point. There are so many liars, grifters, and generally awful people polluting this niche little industry.

I remember the days when it was just 3 or 4 of us, we all talked and supported each other. Then the copycats came, then social media, then YouTube, I’m terrified about what comes next. Those original folks I still talk to, to this day. They’re genuine and wonderful people. You know who you are and I will obviously reach out in person.

Not everyone is bad, but it used to be a tiny minority, but that minority is growing way too fast for me to keep up, and I’m exhausted.

For those offended by my colorful language on social media yesterday, I’m unapologetic. I wear my heart on my sleeve for better or worse.

What’s next for Canon Rumors?

Canon Rumors will live on with new ownership, I have two interested buyers and a preferred buyer. We will work out the details and transfer of ownership over the next month or two. It’s a bigger undertaking than one might think and I’m sure there are things I haven’t even thought about yet.

This will be my last post on this site. There will be two new writers taking over next week doing the daily posts and updates. I will just be forwarding the information to them.

Once the ownership change is completed, the new owner may keep things the same or change it up.

I have done this for 14 years and had so many fun times and met so many amazing people. That just doesn’t happen as frequently anymore and that really does make me sad.

Well, I have nothing profound to say… so I’ll just sign off.

Yours truly,
Craig (Canon Rumors Guy)

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EXTENDED: Go ad free, get free software and more by becoming a Canon Rumors PRO at a discount this weekend only

EXTENDED: Go ad free, get free software and more by becoming a Canon Rumors PRO at a discount this weekend only

By Canon Rumors | December 17, 2021 | Industry News

Update: The response this past weekend to the Canon Rumors PRO promotion was overwhelming and I have decided to extend it until midnight tonight (EST).

Since I have extended the promotion, I will email everyone that purchased a lifetime membership about the software gift coming in January.

Thank you for your support.

Last year I launched the Canon Rumors Pro membership for readers. The big bonus to membership is a 100% ad free experience on the site. There are also some other benefits that can make the cost of membership basically free.

2021 saw lots of challenges for retailers and software developers, but I’m hoping that in 2022 stock levels get to normal so I can post more exclusive deals for Canon Rumors Pros.

I am also bringing back the lifetime membership that was available for a limited time last year for this weekend only.

You can enjoy an ad-free experience on Canon Rumors by purchasing a CR Pro membership. There are also other benefits to becoming a member.

Lifetime purchases will include a software gift! The licenses for the download will be sent out in the first half of January 2022.

How do I upgrade?

You’ll need to sign-up for a forum membership, this is required to remove the ads across the entire site. If you click any of the links below, you’ll be presented with a login screen and you just click “Register Now” below the login box.

If you already have a forum membership, you just need to click your name at the top right and navigate to “Account Upgrades”.

Thank you for reading and contributing to Canon Rumors over the last 13+ years, and hopefully, the next 13 will be just as much fun.

I’m already a forum member

You can simply log in to your account, select your username at the top right of the window and select “Account Upgrades”.

Membership Plans (USD):

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  • A software gift is included in this membership. Licenses will be sent out the first half of January 2022.
Canon Masterclass Releases the Full Canon Cinema Lineup 

Canon Masterclass Releases the Full Canon Cinema Lineup 

By Canon Rumors | May 10, 2021 | Sponsored Post

With the launch of their R5/R6 Video class, Canon Masterclass now have courses available for the entire range of Canon’s cinema cameras, from the C200, C300 Mark III, high-end C500 MkII, and the new C70. Each course is over 2 hours long and comprehensively covers the skills required to create professional-quality video and harness the potential of Canon’s cinema sensors.

Start your Canon Masterclasses today.

SDIM0929 Edit 728x460 - Canon Masterclass Releases the Full Canon Cinema Lineup 

Course Content

Each course covers the menus, setup and customization, focus, exposure, white balance, audio, post production and much more. By the end of each Masterclass, you should be as comfortable with the camera as if you had been shooting with it for years, and know how to find quick solutions to the challenges that pop up on every shoot. All courses also come with their popular LUT packs for both Clog2 and Rec709.

Screen Shot 2021 05 01 at 8.41.49 PM 728x472 - Canon Masterclass Releases the Full Canon Cinema Lineup 

Target Market

Both beginners and experienced shooters can learn from the courses. New shooters will quickly be able to orientate themselves and get high-quality footage out of the box, while more advanced cinematographers, including those coming from other camera systems, can learn about Canon’s unique idiosyncrasies, as well as topics such as vertical video, greenscreen, and matching footage from multiple cameras. The courses are a great way of investing in your career and Canon equipment, and avoid learning by trial-and-error.

Screen Shot 2021 05 01 at 8.39.39 PM 728x403 - Canon Masterclass Releases the Full Canon Cinema Lineup 


Canon Masterclass founder and Abelcine trainer Rubidium Wu teach every course. He has shot 2 feature films on the Canon Cinema system, 2016’s Brooklyn Tide and the upcoming Devil’s Fortune, as well as dozens of other projects. His Crimson Engine YouTube Channel has become a popular resource for Canon shooters, with hundreds of videos and millions of views on Canon-related subjects and gear.

No matter where you are in your Canon filmmaking career, there has never been a better time to upskill and improve your potential. All courses are now on sale and start at a very economical $95.

Third-party lenses for the Canon RF mount

Third-party lenses for the Canon RF mount

By Canon Rumors | January 19, 2021 | Third Party Lenses

This is a list and pricing for all of the known third-party lenses that are available for Canon’s RF mount. All of these manufacturers are reputable and available at major retailers. I will be updating this list as new lenses are rumoured or announced.

Third-party RF mount lenses are mostly manual focus at this time. Samyang/Rokinon both have some autofocus lenses, but we don’t expect to see many more until SIGMA and Tamron get into the segment.


SIGMA does not currently offer any RF mount lenses, but that will likely change sometime in 2021 or 2022.


Tamron has been silent thus far in regards to making lenses for the RF mount, but I suspect we’ll see something from them this year.


Autofocus Lenses

Manual focus lenses

Cinema Lenses


Autofocus Lenses

Manual Focus Lenses

Venus Optics

Manual Focus Lenses


Cinema Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses

Mitakon Zhongyi

Manual Focus Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses

Brightin Star

Manual Focus Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses


Manual Focus Lenses

Black Friday: Calibrate Your Display for as low as $99.99!

Black Friday: Calibrate Your Display for as low as $99.99!

By Canon Rumors | November 21, 2018 | Sponsored Post

Are you calibrating your monitor? If not, what are you waiting for?

Until a photo is printed, the monitor is its “frame.” It is the basis for your assessment – the window into your image file. We’re often asked, “Is it even necessary to calibrate a monitor? The images already look really good.” If you are working in isolation and view images exclusively on your display, this may seem sufficient. But those who edit their images on an uncalibrated monitor with a color cast are unwittingly building color errors into the image file, based on inaccuracies on the monitor. If you then edit large quantities of image data in batch processing mode using this incorrect basis for assessment, you are destroying your image files – particularly if you don’t create copies or if you don’t use the RAW format as the starting point for your workflow.

Read more…

Color isn’t just Colorful, Why Color Calibration of Cameras in Essential

Color isn’t just Colorful, Why Color Calibration of Cameras in Essential

By Canon Rumors | May 29, 2018 | Sponsored Post

Color isn’t just Colorful

Why Color Calibration of Cameras in Essential

By Oliver Mews

Colors in a photograph don’t necessarily coincide with colorful photos. When photographing under conditions with mixed lights, the results strikingly reveal a fact everybody is probably already aware of: each camera interprets colors differently, although the light conditions were identical during capture. One preview on a camera display shows colors with a slight red cast, another preview display seems to show a cold, blue cast. The camera’s automation is not the only factor responsible for this predicament. A camera’s or RAW converting software’s automatic white balance refers to the brightest pixels in a photograph. These pixels work as a reference point for neutral reflections of the existing light.

Oftentimes, this process works fine. As soon as photos are taken from different angles or with different cameras however, misinterpretations in terms of white balance become extremely obvious. Those shooting JPG and choosing to rely on automatic white balance, have to deal with differences in displays of color between their photos. There is hardly a way to correct this discrepancy and a correction automatically results in significant loss of image quality. RAW converters don’t even consider using such color-neutral pixels as a reference for white balancing, as the software allows for a manual definition of a neutral gray reference with just a click during post-processing. Thus, it’s important to always have a gray card on hand. Watch out however, when dealing with photos capturing colorful lighting moods, such as sunsets. These kinds of pictures always require manual adjustments in your RAW converting software.

When a photographer uses more than one camera, it becomes even more obvious that the way colors are being displayed has a lot to do with a camera’s characteristics. Adjusting several cameras in a way that the result is an identical color output is hardly possible when done manually and by visual judgment only. On top of that, such a process requires a lot of time and effort. The RAW format however offers a wide range of opportunities and allows for optimal color characteristics due to a plethora of color sliders. That being said, achieving identical color outputs is certainly not a walk in the park, but a bit of patience along with some dedication and the right tool set allow for perfection.

A white balance correction is the first important step towards color consistency. The next step is taking care of correcting individual colors. A color reference is required in order to match different colors. There are different tools available, all of which are so-called targets, analyzing a camera’s way to display colors and finding a way to neutralize it. In this case, we make use of a SpyderCHECKR, offering a plugin for Photoshops’ ACR or Lightroom.

SCK100 Product SpyderCheckr dooropened highres preview 728x593 - Color isn’t just Colorful, Why Color Calibration of Cameras in Essential

Once photographed under each respective lighting condition, this target is utilized as a reference within the software. Just a few clicks, and we are able to create customized settings, which are available in our RAW converting software of choice. Each camera and each lighting condition requires its own customized correction setting. Our case study shows a mixture of photos taken with a Canon 5D MkII and a Nikon D700. We utilized one customized setting per camera for general daylight, which was applied to all pictures taken during daytime. It is important to consider each slight change of ambient light as well as different reflections in certain settings.

Anna kocht unkorrekt 728x432 - Color isn’t just Colorful, Why Color Calibration of Cameras in Essential
It’s clear to see the different color perceptions of the Nikon and the Canon camera.


Anna kocht gut 728x432 - Color isn’t just Colorful, Why Color Calibration of Cameras in Essential
By applying the color correction settings generated by reference images shot with the SpyderCHECKR, you can match the different light interpretations

How to achieve consistent color:

  1. Photograph the color reference frontally as precisely as possible and make sure to avoid reflections.
  2. Prepare the target in your RAW converting software, using the sliders for white balance, lighting and shadows
    1. Instead of going for white, use a medium shade of gray as a reference for your white balance. Gray is the better choice, as it doesn’t reflect ambient colors the way white does.
    2. Now go ahead and adjust this white reference to a saturation of 90% (RGB 230, 230, 230), using the respective sliders
    3. Proceed by adjusting the reference for shadows to a value of 4% (RGB 10, 10, 10), using the slider for blacks.
  3. All color references in the chart will now be retrieved by the plugin and thus automatically used as a basis for correction processing.
  4. Finally, the software saves a customized setting, containing detailed color corrections.
  5. Given the lighting conditions were identical, this customized setting can now be applied with just one click as a color correction on the other photos of this series.



Datacolor Spyder color solutions make it easy to ensure consistent and accurate color within your workflow.


DC18 Spyder 5 Spring1920x1080 728x410 - Color isn’t just Colorful, Why Color Calibration of Cameras in Essential

The 2018 5DayDeal Video Creators $10,000 Giveaway is Now Live!

The 2018 5DayDeal Video Creators $10,000 Giveaway is Now Live!

By Canon Rumors | May 25, 2018 | Third Party Software

The yearly 5DayDeal Video Creators $10,000+ Giveaway is now live!

The 2018 Video Creators $10,000+ Giveaway prize list is as follows:

  • VEGAS / Vegas Pro*
  • ARTLIST / Subscription*
  • FILMPAC / Single Pac*
  • MOMENT / Anamorphic Lens
  • COLOR GRADING CENTRAL / Academy Membership*
  • VANGUARD / Reno 48 Backpack
  • MEFOTO / Backpacker Tripod
  • HURLBUT VISUALS / Inner Circle Membership*
  • ZOOKKI / GoPro Accessories
  • RODE / Video Mic
  • WESTCOTT / Flex Daylight LED 2-Light Cine Travel Kit
  • ADOBE / Creative Cloud Subscriptions* (draw in October)
  • NIKON / D3400, 18-55 VR Kit (draw in October)
  • APPLE / MacBook Air “13 (draw in October)

*Multiple prizes to be awarded.

Visit 5DayDeal to Enter the Giveaway

Loupedeck – Supercharge Your Photo-Editing, and an Exclusive Chance to Win a Loupedeck

Loupedeck – Supercharge Your Photo-Editing, and an Exclusive Chance to Win a Loupedeck

By Canon Rumors | May 8, 2018 | Sponsored Post

Loupedeck, the photo-edit console, continues to see a growing community and happy customers in 2018. The reason is simple: for those in the photography business, where the editing of multiple images has always proved a huge drain on time and energy, the console has been an absolute game-changer.

loupedeck01 728x410 - Loupedeck - Supercharge Your Photo-Editing, and an Exclusive Chance to Win a Loupedeck


It is becoming increasingly true that time is perhaps the most valuable commodity for professional photographers and creatives, as well as for amateurs too. To that end, Loupedeck is a photo-editing console that’s been custom-made to ‘supercharge’ the experience of using Adobe Lightroom – and rapidly improve the process of selecting and editing shots more quickly and more intuitively.

Loupedeck is a device explicitly designed to make the editing of photos so simple that photographers of all skill levels will have greater time and increased energy to devote to the creative aspect of their work.

Simply put, no more disruption to your workflow, there’s no more looking for ‘hidden’ controls and furthermore, the smart looking and smart-acting Loupedeck console can cut down editing time by up to a quarter. In short, this is the device to make light work of Lightroom…

Internationally renowned fashion and documentary photographer, Ger Ger, says of Loupedeck, “It speeds up the editing workflow considerably and it feels very organic to use.”

loupedeck02 728x410 - Loupedeck - Supercharge Your Photo-Editing, and an Exclusive Chance to Win a Loupedeck

Pep Williams’ gritty inner-city and prison photography has recently been breaking new artistic ground in the US. He calls Loupedeck, “A killer product.”

Jessica Zollman, an influential L.A based photographer says, “Using Loupedeck makes me feel like I am a photo-editing rockstar.”

And for countless other hobbyists, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs (like wedding photographers, for example), Loupedeck has been hailed as a simply indispensable tool.

All-in-all, the last two years have been quite a journey for Loupedeck – the best-selling console device dedicated to bringing out everyone’s A-game when using Adobe Lightroom photo-editing software. Since the console arrived on global markets in late-spring 2017 critical acclaim has been strong.

loupedeck03 728x410 - Loupedeck - Supercharge Your Photo-Editing, and an Exclusive Chance to Win a Loupedeck

Ger Ger is an artist, photographer and has worked as a creative director at L’Officiel, Condé Nast, WWD and Hearst, amongst others. With an enviable portfolio, his work has appeared in magazines that include Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as for luxury conglomerates that include LVMH (otherwise known as Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

Of Loupedeck, Ger Ger says, “I’m really a big fan of great design, haptics, and attention to detail. I really like it if people, designers, developers and companies care. Well, I’m a perfectionist myself. I feel with Loupedeck that I really love to use it on a daily basis and this feeling does not get old. Aside from my actual computer hardware and hard drives, this is the one and only other device that in my eyes can make a huge difference and improve a professional photographer’s workflow substantially.”

Pep Williams describes himself as a ‘street photographer’. His work has been seen in magazines and exhibitions across the world. Recently, Williams did a major photoshoot entitled ‘Out of Bounds’ in a California State prison.

Of Loupedeck, he says, “It truly performs. It actually makes me want to get more in detail with my images… and because it makes it so easy, I now spend time editing more. For me, what I love about it, is that it goes where I go. It’s super-lightweight and fits in my bag perfectly. It’s easy to use and it’s fast.”

Jessica Zollman, an acclaimed Los Angeles-based photographer and influencer, is well-known as one of the original core team at Instagram, which she joined (as employee #5) back in 2011. Forging her own successful professional path since 2013, of Loupedeck, Zollman says, “As a long-time Lightroom user, it makes editing intuitive, quick, and – most importantly – extremely fun.”

The $209 Loupedeck is available for purchase at B&H Photo Video and Amazon.

Enter to win a Loupedeck exclusively from Canon Rumors

You can also enter to win from Loupedeck, simple enter your email address (make sure it’s one you check), and Loupedeck will notify you if you’re a winner.

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When Prints are Darker than the Display

When Prints are Darker than the Display

By Canon Rumors | April 3, 2018 | Sponsored Post

When Prints are Darker than the Display

By John Walrath

If your print seems too dark, this is an issue with the brightness, or luminance, of your display. Controlling the luminance of your display and the brightness of your working environment is essential to achieve the best consistency from screen to print. It’s important to note that dark prints can also make it seem like color is incorrect in the final print.

For a well calibrated display for photo editing and printing, you will need to adjust the luminance to a specified range of 100-120 cd/m2. The Spyder5PRO and Spyder5ELITE can make these corrections. At first, this luminance setting can seem rather dim but with the proper lighting in your work area it will seem natural.

Read more…

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