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A friend of mine Ethan Meleg is leading a workshop on the Bruce Peninsula in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.

The “Best of the Bruce” is the ultimate landscape photography workshop featuring luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, top-calibre leaders and some of the best scenery in Canada.

I shoot in the area all the time and I can attest to how amazing it is. The accommodation are worth the price of admission alone.

I was going to co-lead this workshop, however my wedding & honeymoon schedule overlapped. My wife won out.

Ethan is a fabulous leader, teacher and photographer. You won't meet anyone that is more fun than he is when making great photos.

You must know as well, that you are going to see areas of the Bruce Peninsula very few people get to see. This is going to be a top notch landscape/nature workshop.

Lens Rentals Canada
Since I cannot be at the workshop, I will give a $500 Lens Rentals Canada gift certificate to anyone that signs up for the workshop (I believe there's one space left).

Information Here:

Ethan Meleg's Site:

E'Terra Eco-Lodge:


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