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Camera Being Tested in Vancouver [CR3]

I’ve received confirmation that a new Canon body is being tested in Vancouver. Things are so tight lipped that this great source hasn’t seen the model number.

It’s suggested this is final testing before an announcement.

The same source has said we will see a 1Ds Mark IV before the end of February.

So if anyone attending the Olympics sees anything attached to a big white lens that looks suspicious, send me a picture of it.


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  1. Yea agreed Ty. I think the 40d, 5d, and 5d mk ii are the best cameras offered by canon so far. If the 5d series had a good AF system, that would have been fantastic.

    Lowering MP to 14-18 on a FF while improving sensor technology would be a step forward for image quality…

    please canon not 32mp!!

  2. 1Ds4 sensor prototype has been tested in Tohoku. It’s new auto focus and noise reduction algorithms on camera processor are still in testing.

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