Just noticed (I'm sure others have too)
It might be time for American shoppers to visit their neighbors to the north for some savings. The Canadian dollar is down to 85 cents USD.

Quick Example:

40D w/17-85 IS @ BHPhoto $1449.99 USD
40D  w/17-85 IS @ Henrys $1449.95 CAD

So a Canadian buying at B&H will actually be paying $1720 CAD for the camera. An American shopping in Canada would be paying $1215 USD.

Obviously customs and tax need to be factored in. I'm not sure how it works in the US.

With the economic issues currently, I do not see Canon correcting this before Christmas. They have to move cameras. It took over 6 months for Canon to correct pricing when the Canadian dollar came on par with the US dollar. Pricing was still better in the US however.

Buy in Canada Canadians.

Buy in the US Americans (to support your economy). We won't be insulted if you do shop up here though.


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  1. Is it just me or it’s the American dollar that is at 85 cents CAD and not the other way around.

  2. 1 dollar Us buys roughly 1.15 CAD at the moment. How long it stays there depends largely on commodity pricing

  3. Follow-up comment regarding buying local: I always try to buy local when I can and support local merchants. The stuff I purchase from out of town is not available locally or the price difference is so great that it can’t be matched. By the way, The Camera Store and Camera Canada are brick and mortar stores. They’re just located in another town, have nice websites and offer great prices and service.

  4. You can always save lots of money when the Canadian dollar is moving. Remember, when you import into Canada across the border, you only pay tax; most camera equipment is duty free. Watch out for brokerage fees.

    Canadians, I strongly recommend checking out http://www.photoprice.ca which has lots of info on buying cross-border, and also does price comparisons between Canadian and US stores, including exchange rate and shipping.

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