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Canon 120mp DSLR Information

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Canon’s development announcement of a 120mp DSLR took the photography world by surprise, as we expected some incremental increases in resolution, but more than doubling the 50.6mp resolution of the Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R is quite the jump.

A lot is being made about the APS-H sensor in the prototype currently on display at the Canon EXPO. We wouldn’t read too much into it, as Canon always uses APS-H for their high resolution prototype sensors. The likelihood that Canon would bring back the APS-H sensor size in a consumer EOS product is between nil and none.

More information on the 120mp DSLR:

  • RAW files are 210mb
  • Camera ID in the EXIF is: EOS Y038
  • Camera prototype is only working at ISO 100

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