That was fast
You can read the review here @ DPR

I have yet to use the lens, but it will be included in my 50D review. I'm not shocked by the outcome of the review. I think you could make a great 18-200 if it cost $2500.

I think DPR missed one big con about this lens. There's no way this lens shouldn't have USM at its price point.


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  1. It did seem that they overlooked mentioning the slower focus as a con. They certainly repeatedly mentioned it in the review itself.

    I was a little disappointed in the quality / sharpness of the sample images, I was hoping for a little better quality. I realize that the price will seem high to most consumer lens buyers, and most of them will walk away thinking that the’ve bought a wonderful high end lens because of the price. I’d rather pay twice as much and get better quality, maybe the improvement at twice the price would still be inadequate.

  2. Better just get the Tamron 18-270mm for $599 and get slightly better optics and same slugish AF. As well you get 70mm more!

  3. i was really shocked about the lack of USM mention as well. it seemed like all the canon shooters had lots to say about that omission, yet in the review dpr never talked about inability to override AF due to micromotor vs usm usage. mostly notable b/c the nikon has it, otherwise i don’t think anyone would be so surprised that the canon went the route it did.

  4. hello

    a practical question. i’m about to purchase a canon 450d with the 18-200 lens. now i wonder what are the measurements of the lens. just to see if it fits in my bag.


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