I received another email that Canon does have something like the APS-C
22fps camera in development. However, it may not be a camera that ever
reaches market.

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  1. I hope it’s not 20+fps, that’s movie making and we all know it. I question how much skill a 10+fps camera takes out of sports photography, but almost assuredly a 20fps would pull twice the skill in capturing ‘the moment’ out.

    On film shooting high fps was limited dramatically by how much film you had, most people being limited to 36 exposure meant that you weren’t just going to make a movie. When your camera has a 16gb card, you can shoot bursts for hours.

    I am not ‘anti-progress’ nor am I anti-technology. I just hate spec myopia because often times it prevents new innovation. Just look at processors. The efficiency level of processors didn’t change much from the Pentium II through the Pentium 4 – a span of almost a decade – but once a functional limit was hit they have created many cool new technologies like multi-core and other designs that improve the performance much more without paying any heat/power penalty. We have seen this in point and shoots… it’s all about the megapixels baby! Let’s hope that they keep the FPS somewhere around 10 – 12/14 wouldn’t be too bad – and work on some other new ground breaking feature that could really make the upgrade from 10fps compelling.

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