Small bits of info
My source is still convinced 2 cameras are coming to replace the 5D.

He pointed out a feature Canon is working on for the higher end of the 2 cameras. A much improved dynamic range setting. He said it could rival Sony's DRO jpeg processing by be applied to RAW images. How that would work, I have no idea.

He also pointed to them adding TIFF shooting ability. I for one have no need to do such a thing, but my local photo store that does art reproductions loves using TIFF's. They've switched to using Nikon's, they still white balance with bulbs.

It's also possible Canon will be looking to eliminate the ST-E2 reliance for off camera flash. It's time stuff like that got built into the cameras anyway. They may be able to sell more flashes if people weren't burdened with that overpriced ST-E2.

400 f/5.6L IS
A reader and my source pointed out that the 400 f/5.6L is out of stock or very low stock across the US. It's also backordered in Canada. People seem to be expecting an IS version, could it have the 5 stop IS of the new 200?

I'm still on the fence about this lens, I think they'd be much better served upgrading the 100-400. Maybe they'll do both?

Rumors rumors rumors
There should be a lot more of them over the next couple weeks.

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