Canon will be increasing the price of the 5D Mark II before release.

New Pricing:
5D Mark II Body – $3099.99 MSRP
5D Mark II w/24-105 f/4L IS 3949.99 MSRP

Henry's states they will honor the previous pricing. I would not be too sure, they'll be making about $170 per camera body if they do.


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  1. Being one of the poor saps who put his deposit on the first day of the price increase a few weeks ago, I wonder if I will be jumped up the line, since I’m willing to pay the full price…(I’m being sarcastic here, I feel for you all).

  2. Stop the BS on the currency exchange. Any reasonable size of importing business would have currency hedge. I run a large importing business and most of our stuffs come from the US. However, we are still able to hold all our quoted price from 3-4 months ago. The reason is because we buy 6 months forward contract. For example, if we expect to bring in 100 unit of product X in the next 6 months, we would actually buy a future contract for that amount. Basically, I am still get 96 cents per dollar of us until my contract runs out. If Canon doesn’t do that, I just think they run a very poor business. If they know they will be sending in 5000 units of the 5D, they should had a currency hedge contract to ensure the price. I like to find out what the wholesale cost for the camera is, if anyone knows, please comment!

  3. Canon is planning to steal your money, not mine -see you tommorrow at delivery?

    More than illegal – new evidence and common sense – points to the strong possibility that Canon Canada is getting 5D’s at the old prices and breaking contract law, stealing an extra $300 because it is convenient….

    BBB – I agree it is what I have been saying right from the start…Oh an by the way – Canon does utilize currency hedge practices here in Canada, just before the price increase (literally the day before, I was speaking with Ian McFarlane (That night i received the Email at midnight from my reseller while I was working) I called Ian back the next day and have not been able to reach him since. Another gentlemen from Canon equal in position to Ian, but in charge of the corporate side of sales was surprised to learn that on my invoices there was no disclaimer regarding delivery prices may fluctuate and insisted that in his department they always ensured one or the other – that they deal in future contracts or they have a disclaimer in the agreement…

    So it leaves me to wonder if Consumer end of Canon Canada does have a futres agreement for the old prices and is quietly stealing money from everyone – or at least intending to ( I believe Tommorrow is the delivery date). Canon is not dumb enough to not know what is going on with it’s own organization in different departments – the same lawyers and ceo’s run the business plans for both sides at the top of their food chains.

    , remember I had to point out that they had to know how many pre-orders were being made by authorized reseller’s who were taking hefty deposites and ordering their stock from canon – that seeing the wildly popular success of their sub $3000 Full frame camera, they thought they would take advantage of the market and use any lame excuse and just not answer the phones after the prices increase…figuring we cannot live without having the camera due to the hype.

    “If everyone will pay $3649 for a camera and lens, why not charge them $3949 – they will probably still pay it, and about those pesky pre-orders, well lets get rid of them so that the price was always $3949 and we don’t have the complexity of two prices, we can cover our tracks and make a little extra profit ($150000) while we are it”

  4. It appears that people are getting the pre-order price there is talk of people who have complained and were charged the deposited price.

    Canon is shrugging responsbility:

    Leaving the resellers holding the bag,

    who are talking of and honouring the pre-ordered price…

    the resellers are not allowed to rock the boat with Canon? at least at the salesmanager level, it appears as though a gag order was implemented?

    My suggestions – demand the pre-order price, with compassion for your reseller who is footing the difference – and if they do not honour the agreement, pay the imposed illlegal levied price increase and then you will have an infraction against you, name the reseller and canon in a small claims suit. You will win. and maybe if they force enough to pay the new price, a class action will ensue (and the only part I am not 100% sure on – damages and opportunity lost can be sought).

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